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Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is the application deadline?
April 1

2. Will I ever have to travel to Duquesne?
Yes. DNP students are required to be on campus twice: one week in May immediately following admission; and at the completion of the program. During the initial residency, usually the second or third week of May, students begin the introductory course, Introduction to Doctoral Study. Additionally, students will meet with faculty mentors, attend lectures by visiting professors, and participate in seminars for required courses. During the second residency, students present their capstone projects and are encouraged to participate in the May Commencement.

3. Does Duquesne consider applicants whose master’s degree is not in nursing?
Yes, but a master’s in nursing is preferred. Applicants who hold a non-nursing master's degree will be evaluated for admission on an individual basis. This process may entail review of a portfolio or other evaluative mechanisms, and my require completion of some masters level nursing course(s).

4. Can I transfer credits into the DNP program?
Yes, a maximum of 6 doctoral-level credits from an accredited university may be transferred.

5. Can I be a part-time DNP student?
No. Students are admitted into a specific DNP cohort. The coursework in the DNP program is sequential and must be taken as outlined in the program plan.

6. How does an online course work?
Using a computer and an Internet Service Provider (ISP) a student can work on coursework whenever and wherever it is most convenient. Even though the online class may be more accessible to a student’s schedule, the content and workload are comparable to a face-to-face course.

Online courses are similar in structure to classroom courses. The courses have a syllabus, weekly assignments, projects, papers, and tests. The student will complete assignments, either alone or in small groups. Students will interact with classmates and instructors through online communication.

Most online courses are asynchronous, which means that students can complete their work anytime and anywhere via Internet access. Some classes may contain a synchronous component, which requires participation in a scheduled online chat session or a phone conference.

7. What courses are available online?
All graduate nursing courses are available online.

8. How do I know if I can be a successful online student?
Take our Self Assessment Quiz to help you decide if online learning is for you.
Download Quiz

9. Is financial aid available for online courses?
Yes. See our Financial Aid section for important links.

10. What is the tuition?
Please visit the Duquesne University web site for current tuition information.

11. Does Duquesne offer a Tuition Discount Program?
Yes. If you are a registered nurse and employed by one of our partnering organizations, you may qualify for a 30% discount on tuition.

12. What type of a computer do I need?
Please see the Technical Requirements section on our Online Education page for computer specifications.

13. What are the qualifications for acceptance into the graduate program?
Applicants must meet the admissions criteria of the Duquesne University School of Nursing. The admissions process for nursing graduate students is handled exclusively by the School of Nursing. Please see the DNP Admissions page.

14. How do I get more information?
Contact Susan Hardner, Nursing Recruiter:
PH: 412-396-4945   FX: 412-396-6346   hardnersue@duq.edu