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Lab and Clinical Sites

Nursing Labsstudents in lab

Lab simulations create a controlled learning environment where students can acquire clinical knowledge and decision-making ability as well as develop the skills of teamwork, communication and leadership. Our Learning and Simulation Center has the latest equipment for helping students learn both basic and advanced patient care skills. State-of-the-art patient simulators, such as SimMan®, SimBaby® and neonatal and birthing mannequins, are examples of the high-tech educational tools that provide our nursing students with exceptional hands-on learning experiences.

Undergraduate Clinical Sitesstudents in scrubs

Valuable clinical experiences begin in the sophomore year of the nursing program and continue in the junior and senior year, providing a strong, broad based clinical foundation for nursing practice. Students complete their clinical hours in hospitals and community facilities under the supervision of expert clinical faculty and nurse preceptors. Students are able to apply knowledge gained in the classroom theory portion of the undergraduate program to the clinical practice. Undergraduate clinical sites are contracted entities with the Duquesne University School of Nursing and are considered educational partners.

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graduate clinical siteGraduate Preceptor Sites

Certain graduate courses require students to participate in a clinical preceptorship. A clinical preceptorship is a supervised clinical experience which provides the opportunity for students to apply knowledge gained in the theory portion of the graduate program to clinical practice. Each graduate student is responsible for finding an appropriate clinical site and preceptor in their location.

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