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Expected findings:
  • Maintains posture of flexion
  • Equal and bilateral movement and tone
  • Full range of motion all joints
  • Ten fingers and ten toes
  • Negative hip click
  • Grasp reflex present
  • Legs appear bowed
  • Feet appear flat

photo of baby with flat foot
Photo used with permission*


  • Palmar creases present

photo of baby with palmar creases
Photo used with permission*

  • Sole creases present

photo of baby with sole creases
Photo used with permission*

Signs of potential distress or deviations from expected findings:
  • Unequal tone
  • Asymmetrical movement of extremities
  • Syndactyly
  • Unequal leg length
  • Asymmetrical skin creases posterior thigh

drawing of baby with assymmetrical skin creases
Photo used with permission*

  • Dislocation of hip
  • Persistent cyanosis of nail beds
  • Polydactyly

polydactyl photo
Photo used with permission*

  • Simean crease

photo of baby showing simean crease
Photo used with permission*

  • Marked metatarus varus

photo of baby showing metatarus varus
Photo used with permission*

* Photo used with permission of Mead Johnson (1978). Variations and Minor Departures in Infants. Nutritional Division Mead Johnson & company, Evansville, Indiana.