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BSN Curriculum

Freshman Nursing Courses

UPNS 103 Nutrition for Wellness - 3 credits

This course explores nutrition and the nursing role in primary prevention for individuals and communities throughout the life span. Food needs for energy, protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamins, and minerals are considered in relation to the maintenance of wellness. Nutrition assessments and interventions will be considered, and activities related to the nursing role will be addressed.

UPNS 104 Essentials of Professional Nursing - 3 credits

This course introduces the historical evolution of nursing as a profession. The frame of reference for the analysis develops from the characteristics of a profession. Included is an orientation to the legal and ethical basis of nursing practice in its present and emerging roles. Major elements of the nursing workforce and its challenges are examined.

UPNS 105W Ways of Knowing in Nursing - 3 credits

This course introduces the ways in which nurses engage in critical thinking, promote the science of nursing, and emphasize the importance of caring. Inclusion of various ideas on how one comes to know helps students to gain insight into their learning and prepares them to teach others. The art and science of nursing is presented through the Synergy Model that conceptualizes how nurse characteristics interact with patient needs. In this writing intensive course, emphasis is placed on evaluation of written and electronic resources. This is a writing intensive course.

UPNS 106 Transcultural Responses in Health Care - 3 credits

This course introduces models of transcultural health care. Issues related to the health care professional’s role in the delivery of culturally congruent health care are explored. Emphasis is placed on the assessment and analysis of cultural diversity as related to clinical practice. Interplay between models of transcultural care and other models of clinical practice are examined.

UPNS 107 Service Learning Strategies - 1 credit

This course prepares students for active and responsible community participation. Students are introduced to the skills, knowledge and competencies necessary for service learning. Reflection upon these learning experiences links service to professional development and the total curriculum.

UPNS 108 Freshman Seminar - 0 credits

The Freshman Seminar serves as a “gateway” course introducing the student to the School of Nursing. As a learner centered course – both originating from and focusing on the new student as learner and nursing student, this course will guide and encourage students in the development of adaptable and transferable skills and learning strategies as well to become life-long learners.  Students are guided in a more comprehensive understanding of the nursing curriculum and provided with practical guidance regarding course planning and registration. Orientation to the world of clinical practice is provided including an understanding and navigation of nursing clinical requirements. The seminar will also explore the challenges of social and emotional adjustment to college and the rigor of a nursing program. Freshman Seminar contains flexibility in content by adopting diverse topics and adapting to emerging higher educational issues and contemporary student needs. Freshman math proficiency is included in this seminar.

UPNS 110 Wellness and Health - 3 credits

This course explores models of health, wellness, and behavior change from both individual and community contexts. Following personal self-health appraisal and risk assessment within the context of the Synergy Model of Patient Care, students apply concepts of health and wellness and health promotion to themselves and others. Healthy People 2010 is explored to introduce students to the concepts of improving health status, risk reduction, prevention awareness, increasing quality and quantity of healthy life, and eliminating health disparities. Students are introduced to the U.S. health care delivery system and that of other advanced nations. They are challenged to understand these systems primarily from the role of the health care consumer but also discuss challenges for the provider.

W - Writing Intensive