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BSN Curriculum

Senior Nursing Courses

UPNS 407 Case Management - 2 credits

Students explore models of case management within the context of population-based health care. The collaborative role of the case manager is examined within the framework of health care delivery systems, quality, cost/finances, legal and ethical issues.

UPNS 408W Nursing Research - 3 credits

This course emphasizes the importance of evidence-based research to support clinical nursing practice. The steps of the research process are explored as they are applied to clinical practice. Quantitative and qualitative methodologies are included. This is a writing intensive course.

UPNS 410 Professional Concepts and Issues - 4 credits

Students synthesize previous learning and develop knowledge and skills relevant to leadership, management, and the professional role of the nurse. Concepts of power, change, decision-making, and delegation form the foundation for exploring leadership styles and functions. Current issues in nursing and health care, including political, legal and ethical accountability are analyzed. Trends and issues and their interrelationship are explored in order to assist the student to assume professional responsibility and involvement in issues affecting nursing and the delivery of health care.

UPNS 413/413R Synergy in Nursing Practice: Management of Chronic Illness Across the Lifespan - 5 credits (Clinical/Recitation)

This course provides for the clinical application of population based health care parameters. The multidimensional needs of patients with chronic illness further enables the design of interventions that require assessment of the system of services available to patients, and the role of the nurse in coordinative and tracking interdisciplinary and collaborative strategies. The use of the Synergy Model is continued with emphasis moving to the development of nursing characteristics as these relate to the nurse’s role within the broader health care community to meet patients’ needs.

UPNS 416/416R Synergy in Nursing Practice - 7 credits (Clinical/Recitation)

This course provides a capstone clinical learning opportunity designed with attention to individual student learning needs and interests. Experiences are provided across a broad spectrum of clinical arenas to assure the acquisition of knowledge essential for entry to professional nursing practice. The Synergy Model is used to highlight the various dimensions of nurse characteristics in interaction with an array of patient characteristics.

UPNS 420 Role Preparation I-  1 credit

This course serves as an NCLEX-RN-CAT examination preparation course. Students will work individually as well as in cooperative learning groups. Content focuses on test-taking strategies, test anxiety reduction strategies and NCLEX-RN-CAT preparation. This course does not re-teach nursing content. During the course, students will take a comprehensive NCLEX readiness examination. Based on the results of this examination, faculty and students will develop an individualized prescriptive study plan for NCLEX.

UPNS 422 Role Preparation II - 1 credit

This course serves as the continuation of the NCLEX-RN-CAT examination preparation course from the fall semester. Once again students will work individually as well as in cooperative learning groups. The focus of this semester is the implementation of the individualized NCLEX preparation plan developed in the fall semester. Early in the semester, students will take a second comprehensive NCLEX readiness examination to assist in study plan modification. Students are strongly encouraged to receive a 900 score or higher on the comprehensive readiness examination.

UPNS 425 Collaborative Care and Systems Thinking in Chronic Illness - 3 credits

This course incorporates multiple aspects of the Synergy Model as the nursing competencies are more aligned with patient characteristics.  The multidimensional problems associated with chronic conditions provide a context for the development of collaboration and systems thinking.  Principles of rehabilitation and demands for long term care are explored.

W - Writing Intensive    R - Recitation as needed

UPNS 499 Directed Study in Nursing   1-3 Credits

This elective course in either a clinical or non-clinical area, is designed to provide students with a unique opportunity to pursue an area of interest in nursing, or to achieve particular objectives that require individualized consideration. Students, in consultation with faculty, have the opportunity to generate objectives and behavioral outcomes, and to formulate and implement a plan of study to achieve these objectives. Prerequisites vary based on content area involved.