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RN-BSN Curriculum

RN-BSN Courses = 30 credits

UPNS 112 Information Technology and Nursing Practice 3 credits
UPNS 222W Examining Contemporary Nursing and Healthcare Issues 3 credits
UPNS 223 Population Based Health and Community Health Nursing (4 Theory/2 Clinical) 6 credits
UPNS 326 Pathophysiology for Nursing Practice 3 credits
UPNS 327 Practice, Advocacy and Policy Issues for the Older Adult 3 credits
UPNS 339W Genetics in Nursing and Health 3 credits
UPNS 411 Nursing Ethics Across the Life Span
OR the Graduate* Course:
GPNG 526 Health Care Ethics in Practice and Policy
3 credits
UPNS 423W Evidence Based Approaches to Professional Nursing Practice
OR the Graduate* Course:
GPNG 524 Evidence Based Nursing Practice and Policy Development
3 credits
UPNS 428 Organizational and Clinical Leadership in Nursing and Healthcare
OR the Graduate* Course:
GPNG 525 Organizational and Clinical Leadership in Nursing and Healthcare
3 credits
Optional Courses:
UPNS 493 Specialties in Professional Nursing: Seminar

3 credits

UPNS 494 Specialties in Professional Nursing: Practicum

3 credits

*RN-BSN students in good standing may enroll in a maximum of 3 graduate level courses (9 credits total). Contact your Academic Advisor to see if you qualify.

University Core Courses


The following courses must be taken at Duquesne University or transferred from an accredited college or university, prior to or while enrolled in the RN-BSN program. A transcript evaluation will determine which courses are transferable. Contact Devon George, Nursing Recruiter, for more information at 412-396-1009 or georged2@duq.edu

University Core/Electives

MATH 125 Fundamentals of Statistics 3 credits
UCOR 101 Thinking & Writing Across the Curriculum 3 credits
UCOR 102 Imaginative Literature and Critical Writing 3 credits
UCOR 132 Basic Philosophical Questions 3 credits
UCOR *** Creative Arts:
ARHY 100 Understanding Art
MUNM 170 Enjoyment of Music
3 credits
UCOR *** Theology Core:
UCOR 141 Biblical Historical Perspectives
UCOR 142 Theological Views of Human Person
UCOR 143 Global and Cultural Perspectives
3 credits

Faith and Reason:
HIST 174 Sacred Places
THEO 280 Faith and Reason

3 credits