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Student Profiles

Fellowship and Residency

Suzanne Higginbotham


Doctor of Pharmacy


Post-Baccalaureate Doctor of Pharmacy Degree Weekend Program


Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Our Friends and Alumni

Watch more of Our Friends and Alumni as they share their experiences about The Mylan School of Pharmacy

Lisa Abruzzo, Parent of current Pharmacy student

Kaitlyn Stroyne, Current Pharmacy student

William Bell, Pharmacy Alumni 1992

David D. Shetter, Pharmacy 1982 and
Angela Deramo Shetter, Education 1982

Rosanna Slobodian, Pharmacy Alumni 1959

John J. Slavoski, Pharmacy Alumni 1953

James A Gillespie, Pharmacy Alumni 1958

Norman Tomaka, Pharmacy Alumni 1980

Dr. Charles Winek, Pharmacy Alumni 1957