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Doctor of Pharmacy Program

Prerequisites for Professional Phase

The minimum academic requirements for continuance from the pre-professional into the professional phase of the Doctor of Pharmacy curriculum are:

1) The completion of the pre-professional course requirements (listed below).

2) Successful completion of a competitive School of Pharmacy-based application process that will consider factors such as, but not limited to: cumulative QPA, scores attained on the Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT), community service projects and an interview. The School of Pharmacy will conduct this selection process during the fall semester of the second pre-professional year.

3) Accepted applicants will be required to have a bakground check conducted by Certified Background prior to matriculating to the Mylan School of Pharmacy. Review our Criminal Background Policy.

Prerequisite Courses (Pre-professional Courses)

Calculus I, 4 cr.
Creative Arts, 3 cr.
Economics, 3 cr.
English Composition and Literature, 3 cr.
English Literature, 3 cr.
Ethics, 3 cr.
Faith and Reason, 3 cr.
General Biology I & lab, 4 cr.
General Biology II & lab, 4 cr.
General Chemistry I & lab, 4 cr.
General Chemistry II & lab, 4 cr.
General Physics I & lab, 4 cr.
Global Diversity, 3 cr.
Information Literacy (computer class) 3 cr.
Organic Chemistry I & lab, 4 cr.
Organic Chemistry II & lab, 4 cr.
Pharmacy Calculations, 2 cr.
Philosophy, 3 cr.
Psychology, 3 cr.
Statistics, 3 cr.
Theology, 3 cr.