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Duquesne in Dublin

Cliffs of Moher

Beginning Fall 2013, Duquesne University has designated University College Dublin (UCD) as the new Duquesne in Dublin study abroad experience.  This program is a study abroad site at a partner university where students live and learn together. Duquesne University has selected this UCD for its:

  • commitment to academic excellence
  • outstanding service to students
  • cultural richness
  • geographic desirability

Duquesne in Dublin program will provide students the opportunity to:

  • travel and study together as an integrated group during their semester abroad
  • integrate into the Irish Culture and meet local students at UCD
  • choose from an extensive menu of pre-approved courses
  • lived in the beautiful Saint Michael's House with other Duquesne Students
  • enjoy tailored support services facilitated by an on-site coordinator.
Program Features

Studing abroad at the Duquesne in Dublin program provides a wealth of opportunity:

  • UCD Courses and academic calendar aligned with Duquesne
  • On-site orientations and residential support at the beautiful St. Michael's House
  • Over 200 university clubs and societies
  • Spiritual Life Program, facilitated by Irish Spiritians
  • On-site course on Irish Culture, as well as special programs and excursions
  • Close proximity to Dublin Airport, offering affordable travel throughout Europe 
Required Course

All students at the Duquesne in Dublin campus must also register for:

STYI: Study Abroad course place holder 

HIST 267: Uncovering Ireland (3 Credits)
This course provides an overview of Irish history from the arrival of Christianity up to modern times. Taking a documents-based approach, the course will explore the complexities, themes and modern-day relevance of major issues and events in Irish history such as the plantations, penal laws, the famine, independence, partition, and the outbreak of the Northern Irish troubles in the 1960s and ‘70s. In covering the waves of conquest, conflict, migration, and settlement that have shaped the political and social composition of modern Ireland, the course aims to situate Ireland within the context of European and wider history. Additionally, aspects of Irish culture will be explored through examinations of sport, music, and literature in their modern context.

Program Costs

The cost to study at the University College Dublin is very similar to what a student will pay to study here at Duquesne.  This makes studying abroad even easier to budget. 

Tuition and Fees Same as Duquesne*
Housing and Meals Same as Duquesne**
Study Abroad Fee $950
FrounterMedEx $95
Immigration Fee 300 Euro 
Personal Spending $3000-$4000

*Please reference your individual school to confirm the tuition costs.  Room and board costs will equal Des Places rates.  

**Housing will be provide at St. Michael's House in double, trible and quad options. Breakfast will be served onsite Monday thru Thursday and an UCD on-campus meal plan credit to be assigned to each student's University ID Card. Special dinners throughout the semester will also be provided.