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How to Apply

Study Abroad Application Procedures and Eligibility

Eligibility to Study Abroad:

  • You must be at least a second semester freshman to apply
  • You must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 
  • You must have no serious disciplinary or academic actions pending. All accepted applicants will be reviewed by the Student Life office for disciplinary clearance.

Next Steps:

  1. Meet with the Study Abroad Advisor to learn more. The earlier you plan, the easier it is to accommodate a semester abroad in your academic career.
  2. Meet with your Academic Advisor. Discuss possible course options and obtain course approvals for the classes you plan to take abroad. You want to be sure that the courses abroad will fulfill your major, minor, elective, and/or college core requirements.
  3. Visit DUQ Abroad and apply ONLINE. Submit your DUQ Abroad online application and ALL supporting documents (see below) by the published deadlines. The International Programs Study Abroad Admissions Committee, which consists of Duquesne University faculty and staff, will review your application for approval to study abroad. You must be approved by the committee to study abroad in order to receive credit for your semester abroad.
  4. Apply to the University College Dublin. Once you have submitted your DUQ Abroad application to study abroad, you will also need to apply directly to UCD. The Study Abroad Advisor can assist you with this process and feel free to set up an 'UCD application meeting' once you have all your UCD application materials ready (see below).

Duquesne in Dublin Application Deadlines:

Fall  March 1st
Spring October 1st

(If either of the deadlines fall on a weekend, submit materials by the Friday before)

2 Step Application Process and Requirements for Dublin ONLY:

Step 1: DUQ Abroad Application

Step 1: Apply Online: DUQ Abroad is our online application. By selecting the button below you will be taken directly to Duquesne in Dublin Application and will be asked to select which term (semester and year) you wish to apply. Once this is done you will apply for that specific semester/year and follow the steps to create an account.


Application Requirements: (available via DUQ Abroad) MUST be submitted by posted deadlines to be considered to study abroad.

  • $450 Deposit (made by check payable to Duquesne University and delievered to 601 Union or credit card online)
  • 2 (two) Recommendation requests through DUQ Abroad: one from your advisor and one from a faculty member
  • An offical transcript (an official copy must be delievered to 601 Union)
  • Study Abroad Course Approval Form signed by your academic adivsor. Scehdule a meeting with your advisor to review this in detail. 
    • UCD Course (module) information can be found under Academics and the Study Abroad Advisor can help you find courses.
  • Upload a 2 - page essay addressing the following (we recommend writing this in Word before attaching it to your application):
    • Why you want to study abroad
    • Why you chose Duquesne in Dublin
    • What courses you plan to take abroad and how this experience compliments your academic and professional goals
Step 2: UCD Application

Step 2: UCD Application: In addition to your DUQ Abroad application and requirements, you MUST submit the following by the same deadlines in order to apply to the University College Dublin.

Before you start 'Step 2' be sure to have the following information:

  • Offical Transcript
  • Copy of passport (birth certificate is acceptable if you do not have your passport yet)
  • Have visited the UCD Academics page and
  • Select and get 5-7 courses (modules) approved that you plan to take at UCD in addition to the required History course


To start your UCD application click here and start a "new course application" or schedule a meeting with the Study Abroad Advisor to complete this step.

You MUST provide a copy of your UCD application (print a .pdf after your application is submitted) 

REMEMBER you will need to know the following in order to apply:

  • Application type: Visiting Student
  • Programme Choice: Study Abroad Business, Study Abroad Arts, etc. (be certain you are applying to the program where you plan to take the majority of your classes) 
  • Offical transcript (upload to UCD application)
  • A copy of passport or birth certificate (upload to UCD application)