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Information for Faculty

Welcome to the exciting world of international studies. Duquesne University's Office of International Programs is here to facilitate the integration of international experience and perspectives into the fabric of our University. Whether you are a faculty member who is considering a short-term program for the first time or a veteran leader with lots of experience, we are pleased that you are considering leading a program. Study abroad is a transformative and memorable experience in our students' academic and social development. The OIP will do as much as possible to help you take on the considerable challenge of developing an excellent - and safe - program.

There are two formats into which you can academically situate a study abroad component:

  1. Spring Semester "Break Away" courses: a course that meets on-campus during the entire Spring semester AND includes an obligatory, integrated study trip during the Spring Break for ALL students enrolled in the course.
  2. Summer Session courses: a course that occurs abroad during 1-6 weeks of the summer May-July

Develop a Faculty-led Study Abroad Course

  • Start the planning process today and remember that each year we offer grants to aid faculty as they develop their study abroad courses.  

      Submit a Summer Proposal - The ABC Proposal Process

      • If you're done with the planning process and ready to get your study abroad course approved, prepare the ABC Proposal (A-Academic; B-Budget; C-Concerns)

        Get Involved