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Spring Break Away 2018 - Belize

Course: SOCI 220B Environmental Sociology

[satisfies Global Diversity or Social Justice and Global Diversity]


This course examines the types and varieties of societies as they have developed over human history. We will focus on the complex interactions between societies and their environment, compare how different types of societies adapt to specific environments, and evaluate how changing environments require changes in society. In this course we examine how developing countries balance economic growth with sustainable development to achieve greater social equity and environmental justice. Students may take this either as a regular seminar or as an online/hybrid class (online with periodic class meetings).

We will spend eight days in the English-speaking Central American country of Belize. Belize, like Costa Rica, is building a modern economy with eco-tourism at its center. We will stay at an environmental field station in the tropical rainforests. We will walk in the footsteps of ancient Maya as we explore active archaeological sites, see the vibrant colors of exotic parrots and toucans, hear the calls of howler and spider monkeys, and glimpse elusive wildlife such as jaguar, puma, margay, and ocelot. We will see firsthand how Belize is developing modern economic practices that leave forest, ocean, reef, and river environmental values intact.

Professor: Dr. Michael Irwin

Prerequisites: This course is open to all, no prerequisites

Max enrollment: 20 students

More information: Dr. Michael Irwin (irwinm@duq.edu), Dept. Sociology 504a College Hall

Class Time: TH 3:05-4:20 p.m.

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