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Spring Break Away 2018 France

Course: HIST 174B Sacred Places: Faith, History, and Geography

[Satisfies Core Theme Area: Faith and Reason and Global Diversity]


In this course, students will study how cultures construct sacred places and how these sacred places can be examined to understand
religion as a cultural expression. We will study the various historical forces that contributed to an interesting range of sacred sites in
France. Geographical forms of sacred space reflect the identity and worldview of adherents.

Our travels will take us to southwestern France where we will experience a variety of small towns rich in history and faith. We will
visit the famous Sanctuary of our Lady in Lourdes and travel on to Toulouse and Moissac, sites of famous old Romanesque churches
where medieval pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostello stopped. The prehistoric caves at Lascaux are close by, and we
can ponder the meaning of these 15,000-year-old cave paintings and their likely religious inspiration. Along with other scenic and
moving stops, we'll head towards Paris and the famous Chartres Cathedral (just south of Paris.) Everywhere we go we will enjoy
the magnificent foods and wines for which France and the Bordeaux region are famous. We will end in Paris and have time to visit
the famous Notre Dame and get a strong sense of the magical and romantic character of this capital city.

Professors: Prof. Carolyn Trimarchi and Dr. Jean Anne Hattler

Prerequisites: None

Max Enrollment: 20 students

More Information: See Prof Trimarchi in 603 College Hall
or Dr. Hattler in 601 Union

Class Time: T/TH: 4:30-5:45 p.m.

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