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Spring Break Away 2015 - Costa Rica

Course: MLSP 203 Costa Rica: People, Problems, Possibilities (1-Credit) 

[satisfies Core Theme Area: Service Learning Requirement]

Costa Rica 

This 1-credit Spanish language course focuses on Costa Rica learning about and traveling to Costa Rica. Students will have the opportunity to use and improve their Spanish language skills, experience local culture firsthand, and do volunteer services to communities in need.

During the first six weeks, we will get familiar with Costa Rica: the language, people, history, political system, geography and arts. During our eight days in Costa Rica, students will continue their Spanish language studies and perform volunteer work in public schools, Habitat for Humanity projects, national parks, or other similar venues. Participants will stay with families at least part of the time. We will take a city tour of San José, a hike to and boat ride through a rain forest, and go the beach on the Pacific Coast. 

Prerequisites: One year of college-level Spanish or equivalent. Ideal for students already done with or now in Spanish 201/202.

Max enrollment: 20 students

More information: Dr. Mark Frisch (frischm@duq.edu), 203C Fisher Hall

Class Time(s): W 4-4:50 p.m.

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