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Spring Break Away 2016 - Germany

Course: UCOR 132 - 23B Philosophy - Basic Phil Questions OR

[Satisfies: Basic Philosophical Questions] 

Course: PHIL 233 - 01B  Truth, Art & Experience 


In this course we will focus on the philosophy of an intellectually fertile period of German history, the 18th and 19th centuries, paying special attention to philosophical accounts of aesthetic experience. In particular, we will learn how the concepts of art, beauty, ugliness, and taste were defined and evaluated in the movements of German Idealism and Romanticism, with a view to better understanding what role these concepts play in our lives today. This will lead us to examine broader questions that pertain to art and truth, and how philosophy seeks to systematically explain the world and our experience.

During Spring Break, we will travel to the picturesque old city of Heidelberg, home to Germany's oldest university, and once a formative site for some of the figures, such as Hegel and Hölderlin, whose works we will be reading in the course. Our trip will allow us to visit the many beautiful and interesting cultural sites in Heidelberg, as well as experience south-west Germany's culinary offerings and get a feel for the student life there. Prior to our trip, we will study some basic German culture and etiquette in order to get the most out of our travel experience.

Professor: Professor Sila Ozkara (ozkaras@duq.edu)

Prerequisites: The course is open to all, no prerequisites

Max enrollment: 20 students

More information:Prof. Sila Ozkara, Philosophy Dept. 303 CH

Class Time: T/TH 3:05 - 4:20 p.m.

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