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Spring Break Away 2014 - Rome

Course: SOCI 360 Sociology - Italian Cultural Studies

[satisfies Core Theme Area:  Global Diversity]

Rome Fountrain

The course is an overview of contemporary Italian culture, including the changing dynamics of the family; popular culture including music, food, cinema, media; and urban life and culture. We will read sociology, history, psychology, women's studies and humanities related to Italian culture, and we will hone our skills as field workers in the months of the semester.

We will then take that knowledge and training to Italy during Spring Break and study the culture as a beginning ethnographer. We will spend our time in Rome observing Italians and non-Italians in the routines of their lives. We will be observing, photographing, taking notes, talking to people and in other ways gathering data that students will then use in term papers completed back in the US.


Professor: Dr. Doug Harper

Prerequisites: The course is open to all, no prerequisites

Max enrollment: 20 students

More information: Dr. Harper, 504 College Hall

Class Time: W 6-8:40p

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