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Spring Break Away 2013 - Rome and Southern Italy

Course: UCORE 132-B Basic Philosophical Questions or

Course: PHIL 300W-B Ancient Philosophy

[UCORE 132 satisfies Core Theme Area:  Basic Philosophical Questions]



The course will focus on Socratic and ancient philosophers (8th - 4th centuries BCE). We will see how they posed questions about the cosmos, nature, God, the polis and themselves. These questions formed the foundation of western philosophy and to this day remain the questions we ponder.

We will then take our questions to Rome and stunning Southern Italy where early Greek philosophers lived and wrote. Much of Southern Italy was settled by the ancient Greeks and considered, in ancient times, part of Greece ("Magna Graeca"). From a base in Rome, we'll explore some of the best preserved remains of ancient Greek civilization, such as Paestum, while also experiencing some of the most breathtaking settings of the Mediterranean. We will eat especially well in this area, too, and you will quickly be spoiled by the best of Italian cuisine and culture.

Professor: Prof. Joe Cimakasky

Prerequisites: This course is open to all, no prerequistes

Max enrollment: 20 students

More information: See Prof. Cimakasky (cimakaskyj@duq.edu)

Class Time: MW 3-4:15 p.m.

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