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Room and Board

The request for on-campus residence is made on the same form used for application for admission to the University.  After the student has completed the admission procedure and has paid the matriculation deposit, the residency request is referred automatically to the Director of Residence Life.  The request is processed and necessary application forms are forwarded to the student.

The University requires that a prepayment of $300, which is applicable to the following semester’s room and board account, accompany all applications for room reservations or renewals.  This prepayment is non-refundable.

Reservations are made on an annual basis – August to May.  Rooms may be occupied no earlier than the first day of orientation for all freshmen and new transfer students.

Room assignments are made on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Therefore, it is extremely important for the student to return his/her housing application immediately upon receipt of it.

All students occupying rooms in the University residence halls are required to take a University Meal Plan.  The semester Board rate of $2,417.00 reflects the pricing of all meal plans.   The options will be a 275 meal plan with $100 declining flexible balance; a 225 meal plan with $175 flexible declining balance; a 200 meal plan with a $275 declining flexible balance and a 175 meal plan with a $300 flexible declining balance.  Students can use their Flex dollars at several locations on campus, including: Options, Off-Ramp, Java City, Pod, Red Ring, Late Night Pick up and Starbucks.

Residence Halls are closed during vacation periods (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and Spring break.)

The University reserves the right to modify these charges if exigencies require such action.

Regular Session Room and Board (14 meals a week)
Single for each semester $6,720.00
Double for each semester $5,316.00
Vickroy single for each semester $6,931.00
Vickroy double for each semester $5,460.00
Summer Sessions Room and Board* (Summer 2013 rates)
Single per day $49.00
Double per day $43.00

Withdrawal and Refund

The Office of Residence Life Housing Agreement must be signed by the Student and the University.  The Student is obligated to pay to the University the full room fees and board fees for the entire Academic Year.  There will be no exceptions to this obligation except as follows:

  1. If the Student decides not to live in the Living-Learning Centers and so notifies the Assistant Director of Residence Life IN WRITING BEFORE CLASSES BEGIN, the Student will be released from obligations under this Housing Agreement.  All amounts which the Student has previously paid pursuant to this Housing Agreement shall be refunded with the exception of the $300.00 room reservation fee which is non-refundable.
  2. If a Student fails to occupy an assigned room or make written notification of late arrival by the start of the second week of classes the Student gives up all reservation and claim to any room on campus.  The student will be released from all obligations under this Housing Agreement and all amounts which the Student has previously paid pursuant to this Housing Agreement shall be refunded with the exception of $300.00 non-refundable room reservation fee and $100.00 penalty.
  3. If the Student notifies the Assistant Director of Residence Life after classes begin that the Student has decided to move out of the Living-Learning Centers or ceases to be a student of the University, the obligation to pay the room fees shall continue for the remainder of the Academic Term and the University will refund to the Student an amount equal to seventy-five percent (75%) of the board fees, provided, however, that no board fee will be refunded if the notice is received after the middle of the semester.
  4. Prior to the end of the Fall semester, Students will be permitted to cancel their room reservation for the Spring semester by completing a Spring Release Form.  This Spring Release Form cancellation will result in a $500.00 penalty.  Spring Release Forms available in Assumption Hall must be completed prior to the end of the Fall semester.

*Those desiring residency for the Summer Session should make reservations with the Assistant Director of Residence Life three weeks prior to the opening date of your session.  A non-refundable deposit of $20 must accompany each application.

After occupancy, the deposit is applied toward the room and board expenses. This deposit is not refunded if the room is not occupied. Rates shown are for 2013 summer session only.