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    Master of Science in Leadership

    Make a difference in your career - and your life - with a master's degree in leadership from Duquesne University.

    You have the technical skills you need, but now you want to move up into management - this program gives you the knowledge of important leadership concepts like conflict resolution, ethical decision making, and organizational communication.

    Why choose Duquesne's 30-credit Master of Science in Leadership?

    Academic support

    • Advisors will guide you through the entire process from registration to graduation
    • Online access to the University's Writing Center and Gumberg Library
    • New to online learning? No worries. We help you to become comfortable with online learning through orientations and direct human support


    Leadership Core - 15 credits

    • Introduction to the Graduate Study of Leadership
    • Organizational Communication for Leaders
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Leading People and Managing Relationships
    • Leadership Capstone

    Elective Courses - 15 credits
    Up to two (2) graduate electives may be transferred from another graduate program at Duquesne or other accredited University.

    Duquesne's 30-credit online program is more than a learning experience; it's exposure to new ideas and skills that can be readily applied.