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Welcome to Financial Aid

Information for Prospective Students:

Financing your Duquesne Education Guide


Need help paying for school?


To apply for 2015-16 Financial Aid:

2015-16 FAFSA Application 

2015-16 Duquesne Financial Aid Application

Note: The FAFSA is required for all students.  The Duquesne Financial Aid Application is required if you will be a graduate student (excluding Law), if you will be attending part-time, or if you will be a student enrolled in the Center for Adult Learners.


The Office of Financial Aid Is Here to Help

Whether you are a prospective freshman, graduate student, transfer or a parent, we can help you understand your options in financing the costs of your college education. If you are new to the world of Financial Aid, check out  Financial Aid 101.

Most Frequent Requests

Most Frequent Requests


Applying for Financial Aid

All you need to do is complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and Duquesne's Financial Aid Application. You will then be considered for any financial aid that you are eligible for.

  • You do not have to apply separately for other grants and scholarships that Duquesne administers.
  • After we calculate the financial aid you are eligible for (your aid package), you will receive an award letter explaining your grants and loans.
  • You and your parents may still have to apply for independent loans from a bank or other lender to "bridge" the gap between your financial aid package and your expected family contribution. Or you may want to consider our payment plan option.

 Financial Aid Application Process:

Undergraduate | Graduate 

Calculating Eligibility

Calculating your Financial Aid Eligibility

Financial aid is money that you are given (grants, scholarships) or borrow (loans) to pay for college -- tuition, room, meals and fees.

The amount of need-based aid you receive is determined by subtracting your family's ability to pay for your educational expenses for the year (as determined from the FAFSA) from your estimated total costs for the year.

Cost of Attendance* - Expected Family Contribution = Financial Need

The amount of financial aid you are eligible to receive is then determined by your financial need.

*The Cost of Attendance for a student is an estimate of that student's educational expenses for the period of enrollment.; the cost of attendance varies by program and is updated each May.