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Graduate Assistantships and Employment

New Job Posting Template (for Schools/Departments who want to post a graduate position)

A limited number of graduate job opportunities are assigned by individual schools and departments on a competitive basis. Full-time students will assist with faculty research, tutoring and administrative tasks. Graduate assistants may receive a stipend (that varies from program to program) and often a partial or full tuition scholarship.  Please be advised that University policy does not permit us to hire a student who may already be employed in any other capacity at the University.

Grad students who qualify may apply for federal work-study positions on campus, or take on part-time, off-campus employment opportunities in Pittsburgh.

Check back often for additional  job postings.

Please check back often for new postings.

Position Title:  Spiritan Pedagogy IRB Graduate Assistant

Start Date:  Mid-February

Dept/School:  Interdisciplinary Research Team

Type of Position:  __X___ Hourly Only

Job Requirements:  A Duquesne University research team is seeking a graduate assistant to assist with an IRB-approved research study that will elicit and analyze responses to a worldwide survey of Spiritan educators.
• Manage and maintain lists of possible participants from information supplied by the researchers and the Spiritan congregation
• Send emails inviting participation in the survey, with follow-up reminders as needed
• Send further information and consent forms to participants regarding survey completion, with follow-up reminders as needed
• Receive, de-identify and store completed consent forms and surveys, following IRB confidentiality procedures
• If appropriately qualified, assist researchers in data configuration and analysis

• Strong abilities in organization of digital information
• Effective communication skills, including intercultural communication
• Ability to create and maintain appropriate MS Word files and Excel databases and generate spreadsheet reports
• Attention to detail and confidentiality (as established by the Duquesne IRB)
• If assisting in data configuration and analysis, CITI certification is required

Anticipated schedule of duties:
• Mid-February to early March: assemble email lists of potential participants
• Early to mid-March: send initial recruitment emails, followed by emailing links to consent forms and surveys
• Early April mid-May: receive responses, send reminders for responses not yet received, de-identify responses, collect and archive findings

Please send a brief statement of your interest and qualifications, and supply the name and contact information for a reference at Duquesne University, such as a faculty advisor or department chair.
Note: Graduate students already receiving a stipend for duties at the University, such as assistantships, are not eligible for this position.

Contact Persons:  Dr. Steven Hansen, or Dr. Maureen O'Brien
Contact Phones:  412-396-6666 or 312-396-6528
Contact Emails:  hansens@duq.edu or obrien@duq.edu

Additional information, if any:
Up to 75 hours between Mid-February and Mid-May, not to exceed fifteen hours per week, $14.00 per hour.