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International Transfer Applicants

Duquesne University has a number of international transfer students and we welcome students from universities from around the globe!  If you would like to talk to another transfer student about their experience, email our office and we can match you with a transfer Cultural Ambassador. 

If you have attended another university prior to Duquesne, you must apply as a transfer student.   You must submit all academic records of any education you have completed since high school.  Documents in other languages should be accompanied by an English translation. 

You must submit a complete record of the courses that you have taken and the grades that you have earned in addition to your certificate of completion or diploma, if you have completed your studies at that institution.

If you have completed more than two semesters of education at their institution, you are required to submit an Official Foreign Credential "Course by Course" Evaluation along with any original documents from their institutions, as stated above.  You may use the following services to request official foreign credential evaluations.  Please keep in mind that these services may charge a fee for the official translation and evaluation.  

NOTE: It is not necessary to request an Official Foreign Credential Evaluation if you plan to transfer from an institution with which we have an existing partnership.  See our list of partner institutions for more information.

    Transfer students must meet the following GPA (or equivalent) requirements:

    • 3.0 for Physical Therapy, Physician Assistant, Speech Language Pathology, Forensics, Pharmacy and Education
    • 2.75 for Health Management Systems, Athletic Training and Occupational Therapy
    • 2.5 for all other majors


    Documents Required for Transfer Applicants:

      • International Student Application (Apply Online or Download an Application)
      • Original or attested copies of official academic records of your high school 
      • Official transcripts from any University, diploma,  or training program
      • Scanned copies are accepted for evaluation of your application, but originals must be received before you begin classes at Duquesne
      •  Note: if you have finished an academic program and have enrolled in an ESL program in the United States, you must also submit the ESL transcripts as well.
      • Course descriptions of university classes for which you would like to receive transfer credit. These are not necessary for admission but are required in order to grant you credit.  Please note:
    • Only classes with the equivalent of a 'C' or better will transfer
    • You can transfer up to a maximum of 60 credits (approx two years of study)
    • if you cannot provide course descriptions you may not be eligible for credit transfer.  You can receive an admissions decision without the course descriptions,  but we cannot guarantee that you will receive transfer credit for all of your courses.

    • At least one (1) letter of recommendation from someone who can speak to both your academic and personal strengths. As a transfer student,  we prefer a professor from your most recent academic institution attended. 
    • A personal statement of at least 300 words which answers the following questions and includes any examples of research, shadowing or volunteering experiences:  What is unique about you? - Why have you chosen this major? - How will Duquesne help you to achieve your academic, personal and professional goals?
    • Application Fee:  Since you are required to submit an official Foreign Crediential Evaluation, your application fee is waived.

    Immigration Documents: These are not required for admission, but many students prefer to send them with their application in order to expedite the process. If you are accepted to Duquesne, you will need to provide financial verification documents. Please visit our immigration page for more information.

    Students currently in the United States should work with their current International Student Advisor to coordinate the transfer of their SEVIS record after they receive notification of acceptance to Duquesne University.