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Transportation from the Airport for International Students

PIttsburgh International Airport has a variety of transportation options and Duquesne University is easily accessible.   Campus is about 30 minutes from the airport.   For more information about Pittsburgh International Airport,  visit www.flypittsburgh.com.  Pittsburgh Airport and the surrounding areas are very safe. We can assure you that all our transportation options are reliable and safe, even if you arrive late at night!  Also,  Pittsburgh Airport is relatively small compared to many international airports!  You will feel at ease in our airport,  and there is only one terminal,  so you cannot get lost.  

The Office of International Programs will attempt to have a welcome table with information at the Airport during daylight hours.  However, please print and carry the below information with you in case we are not able to greet you!  

Click here to download a useful document about "What to Do When You Arrive at the Airport."

WHAT SHOULD YOU CARRY WITH YOU? It will be very useful if you carry with you to show your transportation driver: 

  • A map of Duquesne University campus 
  • Your dormitory name and room number written down or Your hotel information if you are staying at a hotel
  • The address of Duquesne University or your dormitory 

If you arrive on campus and do not remember your dormitory,  please go to the TOWERS RESIDENCE HALL and ask for help. 


There are several hotels within walking distance to Duquesne.  Please contact the Office of International Programs if you would like a list of hotels if your family is travelling with you!   There is also one hotel (Hyatt Place Regency) that is connected to the airport if you would like to spend the night at the airport before arriving to campus.  


MEET AND GREET option and LARGE GROUP options:  

If you would like a driver to meet you in baggage claim and offer a more personalized service,  you can book one of the following two options. 

  • SuperShuttle ExecuCar Sedan Service Meet and Greet :  approximately $55  plus tip;  no extra charges if your flight is delayed.   A sedan car is approximately $55 and can be shared by up to 3 people,  a great option if you are traveling with friends!   You should reserve this ahead of time on their websites:   http://www.execucar.com/home.aspx  or  https://reservations.supershuttle.com/  (Same company). 
  • There are many other private car companies in Pittsburgh that will also offer meet and greet services.  You can view and compare rates here:  http://www.shuttlefare.com/ and put in Duquesne's zip code (15282) to get a price quote.
  • For groups of more than 4 people:   You can reserve an entire van at SuperShuttle for $104 and it fits up to 10 people!  (However you should make some allowances for luggage.)  This means the cost per person would be around $10 if you had 10 friends all travelling together.   You should also make a reservation in advance for this at https://reservations.supershuttle.com/  and click the "Exclusive Non-Stop Van Service".    With this option the driver will not meet you in baggage claim but the Supershuttle Desk is right in the middle of baggage claim,  and you would just tell them your reservation number at the desk. 


YELLOW CAB (Taxi) -  You can hire a yellow cab from outside the Baggage Claim that will bring you to Duquesne. The cost is approx $50-60 and it will take about 30 minutes. (Much longer between hours of 4pm - 7pm as this is rush hour.)  You can also share a cab with a few friends if you are travelling together.  

To get a cab,  walk to the middle of baggage claim (by the elevators) and exit by the door that says "Shuttles/TAXIS", there will be a line of yellow cabs to your left.  If there is no cab,  there will be a telephone on a nearby pole that will summon a taxi cab (they are parked just around the corner and sometimes wait to be summoned). 

SUPERSHUTTLE "Shared Ride Van Service":   The SuperShuttle vans are located by the car rental agencies (Hertz etc) at the airport near the baggage claims. You share a van with passengers going in the same direction but not necessarly the same stop. Reservations can be made online but are not necessary if you are using the  Shared Ride Van Service (but ARE necessary if you are booking a private car or a Meet & Greet).  SImply tell the desk attendant that you would like to go to Duquesne.  You can pay by credit card or cash.  The service runs 24 hours a day and is safe. A shared van ride is about $25 to Duquesne University.  

PUBLIC BUS - The 28X bus will bring you to The Blvd of the Allies Footbridge (Duquesne).  The cost is $3.75 (exact change is needed) and it takes approximately 40 minutes to get to Duquesne.

Please  note: There are several steps to walk up to arrive onto Duquesne’s campus so if you have a lot of baggage, you may prefer a yellow cab or other option!  Students enjoy this affordable bus,  BUT they do not recommend it for your first visit if you are not familar with the city.  See this document regarding 28X.