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Information for Applicants from China

Duquesne University welcomes applicants from China

Over the last several years, Duquesne has forged productive relationships with many universities and other educational partners in China. The Office of International Programs at Duquesne regularly visits China to meet with prospective students, families, and institutions. As a result, our Chinese student population has grown considerably and has become an important group of students at Duquesne.  We welcome you to explore what it means to be a Duquesne student and to become a part of our community.  

How to Submit Transcripts

Applicants from Chinese institutions should request and submit official transcripts directly through CHESICC. Requests are processed by CHESICC and will be sent electronically to Duquesne's international admissions office. You will not need to submit a paper copy of your transcript. Go here to get started.

CHESSIC Requirements/Waivers:

High school student in China applying for undergraduate CHESSIC / Parchment electronic submission required
Transfer student from a Chinese university (no articulation agreement) CHESSIC / Parchment required
-and/or- WES/ECE evaluation required
Transfer student from a Chinese university (partner articulation agreement) waived
High school student in USA applying for undergraduate waived
Transfer student from a USA university or non-Chinese university waived
Graduate students
Highly recommended
Exchange students
Highly recommended
ESL-only applicants
Follow the guidelines above

Chinese Partnerships with Duquesne

Duquesne has established partnerships with several Chinese institutions for student who wish to transfer, participate in an exchange agreement, obtain a Master's degree.  

We also partner with Zinch.cn to provide helpful information to Chinese students.  




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U.S. News & World Report

  • Ranked us as a first-tier national university: 120th out of 1,400 schools.
  • Placed Duquesne among the top 100 undergraduate schools according to guidance counselors from the 1,700 best high schools.
  • Listed Duquesne in the 100 "Most Popular" colleges and universities according to the students themselves.

The Princeton Review

  • Ranked Duquesne's undergraduate programs in the top 373 out of more than 2,500 colleges and universities. They called us "cosmopolitan yet caring."

Washington Monthly

  • Listed Duquesne among its top 75 universities nationwide, based on our contributions to the public good.

Read more facts and rankings here.

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