Don Accamando

Director, Military Education Programs
703 Libermann Hall
Pittsburgh, PA 15282
Phone: 412.396.5366
Fax: 412.396.5072

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VA Tuition Benefits

Through the Post-9/11 GI Bill and Yellow Ribbon Program, qualified veterans and their family members may be eligible to attend Duquesne tuition free.

Verify your Eligibility

Depending on the chapter of your GI Bill, veteran military benefits may extend to VA tuition assistance limitations.

You must first verify your eligibility with your state VA Education Office. (Use this link to reach the Pennsylvania VA Education Office.) Link to these VA resources for more information: Yellow Ribbon Program or Post-911 GI Bill.

Using Your Veterans Benefits at Duquesne

Duquesne University is a proud participant of the Yellow Ribbon Program. If you apply to Duquesne and are accepted for admission, you may use your benefits in any undergraduate or graduate program.

In addition, veterans who are eligible for Montgomery GI Bill educational benefits may use their benefits here, upon acceptance and registration at Duquesne University.

To learn more about how your benefits can help you realize your dream of attending Duquesne University, contact our Director of Military Programs, Don Accamando, at 412.396.5366 or


Documentation is submitted through the University Registrar veterans services.Please review the process.

If you have any questions, contact Contact Kathy Scheer at or 412.396.6211,

Please note: notification to Duquesne's certifying official is required for each semester of enrollment.

Veterans Benefits for Chapter 33/Post-9/11

Students that receive Chapter 33/Post 911 cannot receive non-federal aid (i.e. Academic Scholarship, Duquesne Grant, Tuition Remission, etc.) to exceed the billable tuition and fee charges of the school of enrollment in combination with Chapter 33/Post-9/11 funding.

Veteran Tuition Calculator