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University Fees Explanation

University Fee


All students -- including those using tuition remission and online students -- are charged a University Fee. This fee supports the general overall operations of the University, including technology hardware, software and support costs. 

*Full time undergraduate students, (taking between 12-18 credits), will be billed $1,283.00 each term fall and spring. 

Students that are enrolled in years 3-6 of the Pharmacy program are billed per credit for tuition and university fee.

During the summer term, or for graduate students, this fee is charged at $100 per credit.

*$2566 per year
$100 per credit

Other Fees and Deposits

Application Fee $50
Matriculation Deposit (reserves student's place in the class - applied to Fall semester bill) $500
Residence Hall Pre-Payment (applied to Fall semester bill) $300
Orientation Program for New Students


Fees for Specific Schools/Programs

Law School Fees (per semester) $390
Master of Library Science and Technology - Fee per course $50
MBA Sustainability, Nursing 2nd Degree (per semester) $1,283
Pharmacy Student Activities Fee (Years 3-6) (per semester)


Administrative Fees - charged only when required

Credit by Examination (per semester hour granted as recognition of course proficiency) $30
Continuing Registration Fee $593