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Duquesne - Allegheny County Law Libraries Partnership 2009-2013

Duquesne University and the Allegheny County just sealed an agreement for the Duquesne University Center for Legal Information (DCLI) to continue managing the Allegheny County Law Library (ACLL), for five more years (2009 - 2013). ACLL is one of the largest and oldest county law libraries in the country. DCLI has been managing ACLL since 1999. ACLL is located on the 9th floor of the City - County Building. Check the ACLL web page for hours of operation and services.

LexisNexis Updates:

The following information & news is from LexisNexis:

New Lexis Web:

Lexis® Web is a legal-specific search engine that serves up free Web content only from legal sites validated by LexisNexis® attorney editors. It offers the LexisNexis legal topic taxonomy and narrows the tools valued by LexisNexis customers for reducing research time. It is unlike other search engines where researchers can get free searching but spend untold hours finding results relevant to their assignment.

Lexis Web is for legal researchers who need to find all relevant sources-be it on the Web or on paid online services.

New Shepard's Statute Reports

Now when you verify an Ohio Revised Code section with Shepard's ® Citations Service, you'll discover a new, all-inclusive Shepard's statute report covering all subsections. See vital references at a glance with new exclusive Shepard's Summary for Statutes, and link quickly to the major actions that undermine a statute

  • Negative citing case treatment. It's easy with the new Shepard's Signal indicator for statutes. Look for the "!".
  • New affecting legislations - in full text.
  • Pending Legislation

You'll also find more citing references, such as law reviews; Matthew Bender ® treatises; federal briefs; pleadings and motions; and some U.S. agencies decisions, including IRS and NLRB decisions.

This is the future of Shepard's for statutes. Throughout 2009, additional states - and the United States Code Service - will be available in this new format.

New Customizable Westlaw

The following information & news is from Westlaw:® is in the process of updating its look. Starting soon, you'll be able to build and rearrange the content on many of your Westlaw screens/tabs so it's most intuitive to you, and designed to fit your workflow.  Customizable Westlaw is currently available to academic users of Westlaw and will be available to law firm, corporate and government users in the coming weeks. You will receive an on-screen notification when the enhancement has been activated.

Customizable Westlaw allows you to:

  • Drag and drop content on some of your Westlaw screens   
  • Include up to 50 tabs (instead of only six) on your tab display
  • Create custom tabs that include any database from Westlaw's extensive collection   
  • Add, delete, rename and change preferences for displayed items   
  • Easily email customized tabs to colleagues   
  • Create on-screen "sticky notes"

Dockets enhancements allow you to:

  • Update several dockets simultaneously.
  • Select relevant documents in the result list and then click Update Selected Documents.
  • The Docket Tools page is displayed, from which you can print, e-mail, or download the updated docket information.

Browser Blocking

Starting in January, platforms will not support Web browser versions earlier than the following: Internet Explorer 6.0, All Netscape versions, Firefox 1.5, and Safari 2.0. These browsers are not receiving security updates, which could lead to a security risk. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Westlaw technical support at: 1-800-WESTLAW (1-800-937-8529).

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Washlaw is a free, comprehensive, legal research web resource developed by Washburn University School of Law. Washlaw strives to post all known online legal-related links. Highlights of this useful resource include the following:

The site's homepage lists legal topics alphabetically by subject and geographic area, including numerous international links. The directories page links to over 50 online legal directories from law schools, law firms, and other legal related sites. The federal law and government documents page "provides access to all known federal law in the United States as well as law-related government document resources. It is arranged by subject and agency." Similarly, the site maintains an extensive listing of state legal resources. There is also a page devoted to foreign, international, and United Nations legal resources. These links feature primary and secondary resources for numerous countries. A page devoted to law firm links is available, including regional, national, and international offices. The "law jobs" page not only lists employment resources, but also important professional development resources pertaining to continuing legal education, legal seminars, and bar preparation.