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Introducing Norton on Bankruptcy 3rd

Extensively revised for bankruptcy practice under BAPCPA, this treatise is the work of more than 100 bankruptcy judges, professors and practitioners. Organized topically and by Bankruptcy Code section, it offers guidance and analysis for every stage of the bankruptcy process, from initial client interview to case conclusion. Topics discussed include court organization and powers, administration and administrative powers, claims and distributions to creditors, debtors' duties and benefits, stockholder liquidations, debtor in possession, and tax consequences. It covers cases under Chapters 7 (liquidation), 9, 11, 12, 13, and 15.

The new publication is available in print and also on Westlaw (NRTN-BLP), where you can search using Terms and Connectors, Natural Language, and a new easy to use Template.

A Brand New Tab.Global Competition and Antitrust

A comprehensive new tab on the topic of Global Competition and Antitrust was recently released on Westlaw. The new tab looks at the content from a global perspective, and offers you the option of searching all of the content together (GCA-ALL) or by type (GCA-CASES) or by jurisdiction (EUGCA-CASES). Also included is a filing tool, which will allow you to quickly retrieve detailed information on merger requirements for over 50 countries.

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The highlight of is free access to numerous forms in one convenient location. The site explains: allows you to prepare customized legal documents and legal forms directly online. Choose any of the documents offered, complete the questions, click the "Submit" button, and the finished document is ready for you to either download to file, or print to your printer (downloadable or printable). Many documents are free . All others are available from $5.50 to $89.75, depending on the complexity of the document. Almost all documents can be previewed for free.

PA Practice Books- Election Law Reading

With Super Tuesday completed, and with no one winner in either party, it appears that Pennsylvania may have an important role in the primary elections after all. The state's election code can be found in Title 25 of the Purdon's Statutes and Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes. There are two PBI publications available as secondary works for election law in Pennsylvania apart from the annotated version of the election code in Johnston's Election Code. The two volumes together cover most questions that anyone would have concerning the election laws in Pennsylvania .  

Pennsylvania Election Law, Campaign Finance & Lobbying Disclosure (PBI, 2007). 770p. KFP420.A75P46 2007

  • Ch. 1: Overview;
  • Ch. 2: Judicial Review of Nomination Petitions and Papers;
  • Ch. 3: The "Voter-Verified Paper Record" Controversy;
  • Ch. 4: Lobbying Disclosure;
  • Ch. 5: Pennsylvania State Ethics Commission;
  • Ch. 6: Litigation Under 65 Pa.C.S. §1104(b)(3)["fatal defect to a petition to appear on the ballot"];
  • Ch. 7: Issue Advocacy, Electioneering Communications, and Corporate Expenditures;
  • Ch. 8: State Laws Requiring Registered Voters to Present Official Photo Identification to Vote at the Polls;
  • Ch. 9: Recounts and Election Contests in Pennsylvania;
  • Ch. 10: City of Philadelphia Campaign Finance Limitations. 

The Election and Campaign Finance Law in Pennsylvania (PBI, 2005). xvii, 567p. KFP420.A75E4275 2005.

  • Ch. 1: Implementation of HAVA;
  • Ch. 2: Filing Objections to Nomination Petitions and Papers;
  • Ch. 3: Candidate Statements of Financial Interest;
  • Ch. 4: How to Run for Political Office;
  • Ch. 5: Statewide Uniform Registry of Electors (SURE);
  • Ch. 6: Hard Money/Soft Money the Constitutional Limitations on the Statutory Regulation of Campaign Finance Contributions and Expenditures;
  • Ch. 7: Constitutional Protections of Political Signs, Bumper Stickers, Campaign Buttons, etc.;
  • Ch. 8: Overview- A Short Checklist of Pennsylvania Election Law Issues With Forms;
  • Ch. 9: Recounts and Contests;
  • Ch. 10: Campaign Finance Forms and Reports;
  • Ch. 11: Limitations on Equal Protection Notwithstanding Bush v. Gore.