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Second Edition of Professor Antkowiak's Pennsylvania Criminal Procedure Released

The Second Edition of Duquesne University Associate Professor Bruce Antkowiak's treatise, Pennsylvania Criminal Procedure, has just been released by the Pennsylvania Bar Institute. Fourteen new chapters covering topics such as the death penalty, the Confrontation Clause, expert testimony, jury selection, grand jury practice and ineffective assistance of counsel have been added and the 33 original chapters on search and seizure, confessions and other topics have been significantly updated. It was completed with the invaluable editorial assistance of the Duquesne Law Review.

YourDictionary Online Reference Resource


YourDictionary is a free, comprehensive online reference resource. This site includes numerous useful reference tools in one easy-to-access location, including Webster's New World Dictionary, Roget's Thesaurus, and Bartlett's Familiar Quotations. The site's "Other Dictionaries" link includes an extensive list of resources for Abbreviations & Acronyms, Synonyms, Thesauri, Phrase Dictionaries, Quotations, Lexicography and Lexical Data Bases, Pronunciation and Rhyming Dictionaries, Specialty and Language Dictionaries, and Writing Systems. The site also allows the user to browse reference resources by topic. There are numerous links for translating between languages as well. The site explains, "these extensive references are useful for students trying to further their education, and learn the vocabulary of a field of study, as well as for seasoned professionals."

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CQ Politics

This blog, hosted by Legal Beat, focuses on Court-Congress issues from Congressional Quarterly's public website.

Legal Beat chronicles the relationship and tensions between Congress and the courts. It examines high-profile court cases that pit judges against lawmakers and takes you behind the scenes in the Senate battles over judicial nominations. It also explores lawmakers' attempts to rein in the courts and the judiciary's efforts to get more resources out of Congress.