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Legal Research and Technology: Questions & Answers by Joel Fishman, Ph.D. and Dittakavi Rao, M.L.S.

Joel Fishman, Ph.D., is the Assistant Director for Lawyer Services and Dittakavi Rao, M.L.S., Associate Director, at Duquesne University Center for Legal Information/Allegheny County Law Library.

Over 1,500 questions in 16 chapters arranged under Manual, Internet, Lexis, and Westlaw categories. The chapters include: Information to Legal Research; Legal Abbreviations; Case Law-Reporters; Digests; Citators; Constitutions; Statutory Law; Legislative History; Administrative Law; Court Rules; Secondary Sources; Legal Ethics; Internet; World Wide Web; Search Engines, and Law Firm/Law Practice/ Courtroom Technology. Appendixes 50 Legal Research Internet Sites; 50 Law Firm Technology Sites; 50 Legal Blawgs; Library of Congress Subject Classification System; Guide to Popular Subjects of Law; Guide to Popular Titles; Legal Words (Latin & French); Bibliography of Sources, Research Illustrations; and Index.

This work is the ONLY legal research book to arrange information in a simple question-answer format. 395 pages, Paperback. Price: $50.00 (includes PA Sales Tax & Shipping)

Please make check payable to:

Pennsylvania Legal Resources Institute P. O. Box 2644
, PA 15230-2644


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