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ACLL Borrowers' Card Benefits

We encourage patrons who have not yet paid the annual fees to obtain library privileges such as checking out books and accessing online databases. Access includes federal and all states' databases from LexisNexis and Westlaw. Borrowers also receive reduced charges for document delivery.

Schedule of Annual Borrowers' Fees:

1. Attorneys of Allegheny County (both private and governmental):

Firm Size Fee
X-Large (101 +) $4,500
Large (61-100) $3,000
Medium (31-60) $1,500
Small (1-30) $45/attorney

2. Attorneys outside of Allegheny County: $90 per person.

3. General public of Allegheny County: $45 per person.

4. General public outside of Allegheny County: $90 per person.

5. Judges (federal, state, and local) will not be required to pay borrowers' fees. Other governmental law departments are not excluded.

The Borrowers' Application Form is available in PDF format.

New ACLL Publication: Index to Fiduciary Review (1933-2007)

Joel Fishman, Index to Fiduciary Review (1933-2007). 2008 ed. Pittsburgh: Duquqesne University Center for Legal Information/Allegheny County Law Library, 2008. vii, 91p. $20.00. Add $1.40 Pa. Sales Tax and $5.00 for mailing. Contact Dr. Joel Fishman to purchase this book at or 412-350-5353.

Book Notes: Pennsylvania Ethics Handbook

Temlin, Michael L. and Thomas G. Wilkinson, Jr., eds. Pennsylvania Ethics Handbook. 2008 ed. Mechanicsburg: PBI Pr., 2008. xxxiv, 457p. + CD-ROM. $89.00.

The fifteen chapters of this handbook are divided into the following contents:

  • Foreword;
  • 1. Identification of the Client and the Scope of Representation;
  • 2. Basic Duties Owed to the Client;
  • 3. Confidentiality;
  • 4. Conflicts of Interest;
  • 5. Property Held for Clients and Others and Lawyer Trust Accounts;
  • 6. Fees and Billing.
  • 7. The Lawyer as Advocate;
  • 8. Transactions with Persons Other than Clients;
  • 9. Advertising and Solicitation;
  • 10. Organization as Client: Rule 1.13;
  • 11. Organizing an Ethical Law Practice;
  • 12. Nonlegal Services;
  • 13. Misconduct and Reporting Obligations Under Rule 8.4;
  • 14. An Introduction to the Disciplinary Board;
  • 15. Functioning in the Profession;
  • Index of Rules;
  • Subject Index.

This is the second edition updated since the original publication in 2001. The chapters have been updated either by the same authors or by new authors. It incorporates the amendments to the Pennsylvania Rules of Professional Conduct adopted by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court in 2005. Each chapter provides extensive discussion with caselaw and other resources cited in text and endnotes. The first edition was well received by the profession, and this volume is of a higher quality. It has been published in a small paperback book rather than the bulky, loose-leaf format of the earlier publication.

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