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Best of the oil & gas law colloquium. KFP258.L4 O455 2011

The year in review: 2010 oil and gas law litigation, municipal law and legislation update / George Asimos, Andrew T. Bockis, Joel R. Burcat; PowerPoint: Considering the Pennsylvania Oil and gas lease / Russell L. Schetroma, Dale A. Tice; Natural gas pipelines and negotiation of pipeline agreements / Stephen W. Saunders; PowerPoint: Acquiring gathering pipeline easements: What's on the horizon? / Stephen W. Saunders; PowerPoint: The impact of drilling on surface owner rights / Ross H. Pifer; The impact of drilling on surface owner rights / Ross H. Pifer.

Who pays : workers' comp issues impacting your auto accident case. KFP191.A4 W46 2011

Overview of auto law and the MVFRL / Scott B. Cooper, D. Joseph Chapman; PowerPoint: Workers' Comp and the motor vehicle accident claim / Martin N. Chitjian, John J. Hatzell; Coordinating the automobile case and the workers' compensation settlement / Joshua P. Geist; Mandatory insurer reporting where Medicare is a secondary payer / Matthew L. Garretson, Sylvius H. von Saucken; PowerPoint: the issues that arise while litigating the workers' compensation claim and the motor vehicle accident claim / Martin J. Chitjian, John J. Hatzell; Pending appellate issues / Scott B. Cooper, D. Joseph Chapman.

Handling the failure to disclose case. KFP539.R4 H36 2011

Evaluating the "failure to disclose" case / Blair H. Granger, David J. Scaggs, Carrie J. Lonsinger; What possible causes of action exist / Blair H. Granger, David J. Scaggs, Carrie J. Lonsinger; Who is liable, statute of limitations, burdens of proof and unique discovery issues / Blair H. Granger, David J. Scaggs, Carrie J. Lonsinger; Defenses to failure to disclose / Brett M. Woodburn; Joinder of additional defendants / Charles F. Perego; Expert reports; Remedies and damages / Blair H. Granger, David J. Scaggs, Carrie J. Lonsinger; Mediation as an alternative to litigation / Blair H. Granger, David J. Scaggs, Carrie J. Lonsinger; Hypothetical case scenario with discovery and preliminary objections / James L. Goldsmith; Critical issues in the use of the unfair trade practices and consumer protection law / James S. Tupitza.

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