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The staff of ACLL is available free of charge for all of your reference needs. Please visit or contact the library for assistance, 412-350-5353.

The professional staff will provide in-depth legal research (compiling legislative histories, expert witness background reports, medical information searches, company profiles, etc.) for $50 per hour. Please contact Joel Fishman or Paul Recht for in-depth legal research assistance:

Dr. Joel Fishman,
Assistant Director for
Lawyer Services

Paul Recht,
Reference Librarian

West Find&Print Enhancements

The following update information is from West:

The West Find&Print online environment is being enhanced to provide several new features for your convenience. Here's a link to Find&Print:

These new enhancements are:   

  • Print statutory text only.
  • Print cases without the synopsis and digest fields.
  • Print KeyCite Negative Treatment only.
  • Exclude Court documents from KeyCite History.
  • Send all documents within one email attachment.

These new options will allow you to print only what you need for statutes, cases and KeyCite results when using the Find&Print website. Now you can print only the statutory text without annotations, or print a case without the synopsis and digest fields. If you are KeyCiting, the new features will allow you to print Negative Treatment only and to exclude Court Documents from KeyCite History.

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