New Collections available in HeinOnline

The Center is happy to announce its recent acquisition of new libraries as part of the HeinOnline Collection. The following HeinOnline resources are now available to Students and Faculty:

Congress & the Courts

This library, featuring William H. Manz's Congress and the Courts: A Legislative History 1787-2010, brings together materials reflecting congressional concern with the composition and structure of Article III Courts and to provide all relevant documents prepared by various Congresses relating to the purpose, formation, organization, and restructuring of the federal government.

This new library focuses on development and growth of the federal courts and the judiciary as a source of original material of congressional fact finding and decision making. Decades of legislative intent, testimony, and pre-enactment history is provided in one centralized library.

Foreign and International Law Resources Database

The Foreign & International Law Resources Database contains more than100 international yearbooks, U.S. Law Digests, publications of The Hague Court of International Justice, and the Reports of International Arbitral Awards. With this collection, researchers can easily search or browse through some of the world's best international law publications.

State Session Laws Library

HeinOnline's Digital Session Laws collection contains the session laws of all 50 U.S. states as well as Canada, Australia, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, and the D.C.Register. All states are available back to inception!

Spinelli's Law Librarian's Reference Shelf

This collection is the first library designed exclusively for law librarians! It contains bibliographies, legal dictionaries, cataloging publications, AALL GDSIS State Bibliographies, AALL Publications Series, Library of Congress Classification Schedules and Subject Headings, Bibliography of Early American Law, Greenslips, serials, and links to scholarly articles.

State Attorney General Reports & Opinions

Attorney General Reports & Opinions constitute, for each state, an integral element in its framework of governing law, and have the characteristics of both primary and secondary authority. This collection includes access to the State Attorney General Reports & Opinions for all fifty states as well as Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Also includes access to the Opinions of the Office of Legal Counsel of the United States Department of Justice and the Official Opinions of the Attorneys General of the United States.

United Nations Law Collection

This collection contains exact reproductions of major United Nations legal publications, including the complete collection of the United Nations Treaty Series, the League of Nations Treaty Series, the Monthly Statement of Treaties & International Agreements, UNCITRAL Publications, the United Nations Legislative Series, and much more.

United States Federal Agency Documents, Decisions and Appeals

This unique collection features the reports, decisions, and records of several U.S. Federal Agencies, such as: The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Students and faculty can access HeinOnline from home or in DCLI. Accessing HeinOnline from DCLI does not require authentication. You can access HeinOnline from off-campus by logging in with your name (For example Jane Doe) and Duquesne University ID barcode number (16-digit number on ID card).


HeinOnline includes a number of search and browse features for over two hundred law reviews and the Federal Register, providing the exact page image of legal journals. Journal holdings typically begin from a journal's inception to its most current volume. Holdings information is included in SOLCAT for each title.

New Pennsylvania Bar Institute Publications Available at DCLI/ACLL

Nonprofits and the political process. Mechanicsburg, Pa.: Pennsylvania Bar Institute, c2012. KF4948.A75 N65 2012

Contents: "Lobbying" and other "political" activities of IRC Section 501(c)(3), 501(c)(4), 501(c)(5), and 501(c)(6) organizations : a primer on select federal legal constraints / written by Robert A. Johnson -- Lobbying rules create opportunities for charities / written by Donald W. Kramer -- Should your organization elect under 501(h)? / written by Donald W. Kramer -- How to figure lobbying limits under 501(h) / written by Donald W. Kramer -- IRS issues new guidance on electioneering / written by Donald W. Kramer -- Common tax law restrictions on activities of exempt organizations / submitted by Deborah J. Zateeny -- 2003 CPE text : political and lobbying activities : 501(c)(4), (c)(5) and (c)(6) / submitted by Deborah J. Zateeny -- 2000 CPE text : S. affiliations among political, lobbying and educational organizations / submitted by Deborah J. Zateeny -- Pennsylvania lobbying disclosure law / submitted by Gregory M. Harvey -- Local lobbying disclosure law / submitted by Lawrence J. Beaser -- Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and federal registration and reporting of lobbying activities by nonprofits : PowerPoint / presented by Lawrence J. Beaser.

Protecting our children : the responsibility of organization. Mechanicsburg, Pa.: Pennsylvania Bar Institute, c2012. KFP567.C5 P75 2012

Contents: Protecting children from abuse. Duty to report. "Breaking the silence on child abuse : protection, prevention, Intervention, and deterrence" -- Senate of the United States, Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee, Subcommittee on Children & Families : submitted record of testimony / Frank P. Cervone -- Survey of mandatory reporting obligations for colleges and universities / Calli J. Varner, Thomas G. Wilkinson Jr..-- Child protection statutes by state / Leslie M. Gomez -- Intersection of civil suits and criminal allegations -- Possible legislative solutions. State legislation introduced in the 2011-2012 session / Anthony L. Crisci and Vicki J. Wilken, Kim Ward -- Federal : recently introduced legislation relating to reporting of child abuse or neglect / Deidre D. Fruh, Robert P. Casey Jr. -- S. 1877 : the "Speak Up to Protect Every Abused Kid Act" / Thomas G. Wilkinson Jr. -- Corporate and non-profit management. Crisis management, PR and media management / Thomas G. Wilkinson Jr. -- Ethical issues : Who is the client? : Should your client face the media? -- HR and volunteer scrutiny and organizations best practices.

Valuing antiques and collectibles : what every lawyer needs to know. Mechanicsburg, Pa.: Pennsylvania Bar Institute, c2012. KF4288.A75 V35 2012

Contents: Valuation, appraisal, and the art of selling stuff. Overview of appraising art and collectibles / William M. Kline, III -- Outline of the appraisal process / Samuel T. Freeman, III -- Buying and selling art and collectibles at auction / Amen R. Vartian -- Tax aspects of art and collectibles / Armen R. Vartian -- Valuation in family law. Tips for presenting and cross-examining an expert / Lynne Z. Gold-Bikin -- Finding hidden assets : proper attention to the testifying expert / Lynne Z. Gold-Bikin -- Valuation in bankruptcy law / Kara K. Gendron -- Antiques and collectibles : estate planning and administration concerns / Eric R. Strauss -- Malpractice avoidance. Scenarios in appraising antiques / Josh J.T. Byrne -- Avoiding legal malpractice claims : basic do's and a few don'ts / James R. Schadel and Amy J. Coco.

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