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New Developments from Westlaw-WestlawNext

Westlaw State administrative codes now have KeyCite status flags!

KeyCite is about to expand its reach again-this time to your state's agencies.

KeyCite history for developments dated on or after June 1, 2010, are now available for all state administrative code databases (XX-ADC, where XX is a state's two-letter postal abbreviation). Red and yellow flags will represent the following:

* Red flag: Regulatory action (e.g., amendment or repeal),
unconstitutionality ruling, or preemption dated on or after June 1, 2010.

* Yellow flag: Proposed regulatory action dated on or after June
1, 2010.

Previously on Westlaw, proposed and adopted regulatory actions were listed as citing references only, and a green C was displayed. Now you know immediately when there's cause for concern. (Note: Additions to KeyCite history prior to June 1 will be "grandfathered" and displayed as citing references; additions to KeyCite history between June 1 and June
30 will remain as citing references only temporarily.)

For more information on KeyCite:

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Interrogatory databases: Court-tested filings to sharpen your focus!

For the litigation firm, a file cabinet full of interrogatories and answers is worth its weight in gold. These documents can be indispensable resources for

* education and training
* quality assurance for drafting
* varied scenarios and strategies
* historical insight about parties currently in litigation
* answers and strategies of parties in similar litigation

But if no such file cabinet exists at your firm, it is still easy to get your hands on interrogatories from actual courts-not merely from model form books! Use Westlaw as your online file cabinet of interrogatories!
On June 28, the following databases were released on Westlaw:

* All Interrogatory Filings (INTERROG-ALL) (at least 34,245 documents at time of release)
* Federal Interrogatory Filings (INTERROG-FED) (at least 22,821 documents)
* State Interrogatory Filings (INTERROG-STATE) (at least 11,424 documents)

These databases provide user-friendly search templates for retrieving documents from particular case types, jurisdictions, and other categories. Interrogatories will be linked to trial court orders, pleadings, motions, and memoranda, where applicable. To access our interrogatory databases, just go the Court Docs link in the navigation toolbar at the top of your Westlaw screen. When you choose interrogatories from the choices on the left side of the page, the template on the right will reformat to the interrogatory template to help you find exactly what you need.

For more information on Westlaw Litigator

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What's Next for WestlawNext?

Searchable topic pages are now available

WestlawNext topic pages are now available to search across multiple content types in any of 23 specific practice areas. This feature is useful when you need topical content across a wide variety of content types, including cases, statutes, secondary sources, briefs, pleadings, motions and memoranda, trial court orders, administrative decisions, and jury verdicts.

New WestlawNext Delivery options

When you deliver documents or a citations list, a dialog box is displayed that contains a Layout and Limits tab with options. Now the following options are available in the Layout and Limits tab:

* KeyCite treatment: Where applicable, a delivered document will contain a KeyCite status flag and descriptive phrase.
* Original image link: Where applicable, a delivered case will contain a link to a PDF image of the case as it appears in the West reporter.

Do you want your separate documents in a .zip attachment or as a single merged file?

When you select multiple documents from your WestlawNext search to e-mail to yourself, it is now up to you how you receive those documents.
When you select multiple documents for delivery on WestlawNext, a drop-down list is now displayed on the Email Items dialog box that lets you choose whether you want documents delivered in a single, merged file separated by page breaks; or in multiple files in a .zip attachment.
(The default setting is delivery in a single, merged file.)

Deliver documents right from the TOC!

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