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Allegheny County Law Library - Circulation Policies

Borrowers' Fees

With the approval of the Law Library Committee and the Board of Governors the following circulation fee structure has been implemented:

An annual borrowers' fee will be charged to each user for checking out library materials for home or office use. The amount of fees charged is consistent with the norms practiced by other similar public law libraries in the country (e.g. Minneapolis, Seattle, and San Diego).

The borrowers' fee structure is based on the premise that research performed by one attorney in an organization benefits the entire company. Therefore, law firms and corporate legal departments are thus required to pay the annual borrowers' fees for the total number of attorneys in the company, if it intends to check out library materials from ACLL and Duquesne law libraries.

Schedule of Annual Borrowers' Fees

1.Attorneys of Allegheny County (both private and governmental):
Firm Size Fee:
X-Large (101 +) $6,600
Large (61-100) $4,400
Medium (31-60) $2,200
Small (1-30) $65/attorney
2.Attorneys outside of Allegheny County: $130 per person.
3.General Public of Allegheny County: $65 per person.
4.General public outside of Allegheny County: $110 per person.
5.Judges (federal, state, and local) will not be required to pay borrowers' fees. Other governmental law departments are not excluded.

Borrowers' Privileges and Services

The library has implemented a single, online catalog and circulation system for both libraries.

Card holders may borrow materials at both Allegheny County Law Library and the Duquesne University Center for Legal Information.
Checked out materials may be returned to either library location.
Check out up to seven books at a time.
ACLL and DCLI materials are checked out for 14 days


ACLL materials are fined at $1 per day late
DCLI materials are fined at $.50 per day.
A patron who loses checked-out material(s) must pay the market value of the material(s), plus a processing fee of $50 per book.

Application Form

Library Card Application


If you have any questions, please call Dr. Joel Fishman or Mr.Paul Recht at (412) 350-5353.

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Federal Register

The Federal Register launched a new beta web site recently. The site explains, "July 26, 2010 marks the 75th anniversary of the Federal Register Act. Join us in celebrating a proud tradition of open access to government information with the launch of our experimental Federal Register beta site". The Federal Register site includes the following features:


This category contains non-rulemaking documents that are applicable to the general public and named parties. These documents include notices of public meetings, hearings, investigations, grants and funding, environmental impact statements, information collections, statements of organization and functions, delegations, and other announcements of public interest.

Proposed Rules

This category contains proposed regulations. These documents announce and explain agencies' plans to solve problems and accomplish goals, and give interested persons an opportunity to submit comments to improve the final regulation. It also includes advance notices of proposed rulemaking, petitions for rulemaking, negotiated rulemakings, and various proposed determinations and interpretations.

Final Rules

This category contains regulations that apply to the general public and have final legal effect. It also includes interim final rules, direct final rules, and various determinations, interpretive rules, and policy statements. The documents cite to the Code of Federal Regulations, which contains the codified text of final rules, and is published annually in 50 titles.

Presidential Documents

This category contains documents signed by the President of the United States. Documents include Executive Orders, Proclamations, Administrative Orders, Presidential Memoranda, and other issuances of the President that are required or directed to be published in the Federal Register.