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Important Laptop Exam Information

If you plan to take exams using your laptop and you are a first-time laptop user, you must attend a mandatory tune-up session (April 18 - April  20, 2011). If you don’t have Securexam Students program installed on your laptop you must download and install it before you can take the MANDATORY PRACTICE EXAM. All students must take the Practice Exam between April 18 and April 27. If you don’t take the Practice Exam on time, you won’t be able to use your laptop during exams. You can find detailed information regarding Mandatory Student Requirements for laptop exams on the web at the below link.

All students planning to use their laptops for exams should read the detailed information about laptop exams and comply with the requirements. Full details...


LexisNexis Summer Access Information

LexisNexis Summer Access(***Now with Daily Research Points***)

Register For Summer Access
If the guidelines below apply to your research needs during the summer, LexisNexis invites you to register now for Summer Access to lexis.com®.

Guidelines for Requesting Summer Access
Receive Rewards all summer long as you achieve your academic goals, improve your options once you graduate, and maintain and even improve your research efficiency over the summer. You may request access to lexis.com using your existing Law School Student ID from June 1 to August 1, 2011 for academic purposes. Academic purposes include, but are not limited to:

• Summer course preparation and assignments
• Research associated with Moot Court, Law Review, or Law Journal
• Research associated with pursuing a grant or scholarship
• Service as a paid or unpaid research assistant to a professor
• An internship, externship or clinic position for school credit or graduation requirement
• Study for the bar exam
• Research skill improvement for educational purposes

“Academic purposes” do not include research conducted for a law firm, corporation, or other entity (other than a professor or law school) that is paying the student to conduct research, or that is passing along the cost of research to a third party. These are deemed “commercial purposes.”

For this reason, students will be restricted to a limited menu of employment sources during the period beginning June 1 and ending August 1, 2011.

How LexisNexis Supports You Throughout the Summer
When you register for Summer Access, please provide your personal email address in order to receive invitations to live, online webcasts and additional training support during the summer months. Your school’s LexisNexis Account Executive is available to you during the summer for training and support. Feel free to contact him or her early to let them know your summer research goals. You also have Summer Access to LexisNexis live research support. For website, access or research questions, call 1-800-45-LEXIS (53947) 24-hours a day .

TO REGISTER, go to the lawschool homepage and either (1) click on the "Summer Access" banner or (2) access the same page via "Account Help" > "Manage My Account" > "Summer Access Registration."

DCLI Spring Exam Hours

DCLI will be open for SPRING EXAM HOURS according to the following schedule. Please visit the Center's hours page for more information regarding hours of operation.

Thursday, April 28 - Friday, May 20, 2011

Monday - Sunday

8 a.m. - 2 a.m.

Friday, May 20

8 a.m. - 10 p.m.



Duquesne University Law School has won the National Championship in the prestigious National Student Trial Advocacy Competition sponsored by the American Association for Justice (AAJ). This award, once again, places Duquesne University Law School in the ranks of the best trial advocacy programs in the country. This “best of the best” competition was held in Las Vegas, Nevada from March 31 through April 3. In a field of more than 225 teams, the Duquesne trial team was the only team to remain undefeated.

Please visit the following link to read the entire press release.

Upcoming CLE: Investigative and Familial DNA

The Cyril H. Wecht Institute of Forensic Science and Law will host a series of CLE seminars through June, 2011. Please visit the following link to view the Spring 2011 schedule:

Investigative and Familial DNA

Forensic Fridays
May 13
Africa/Duquesne Room

In the wake of California's Grim Sleeper case and amidst the deepening debate over the use of familial DNA searches, in which investigators look for close-but-not-exact matches between DNA evidence collected at crime scenes and data banks of DNA collected from convicted felons, the Institute will convene legal, scientific and investigative experts to weigh the pros and cons of this issue. Confirmed speakers include Mark Perlin, M.D., Ph.D., CEO and chief scientific officer of DNA testing firm Cybergenetics, and Ronald Freeman, former commander of investigations for the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police.

For more information or to register, please visit the Wecht Institute
at www.duq.edu/forensics or contact us at 412-396-1330 or wechtinstitute@duq.edu

*As always, all members of the Duquesne community - students, faculty, and staff - may register free of charge

Topic Change: Summary of Pa. Jurisprudence 2d.

The topic of "Insurance" has been revised in Summary of Pa. Jurisprudence 2d. That topic comprises Volumes 14 and 14A. It has also been revised in the Atlantic Digest 2d. The old keynumbers have been replaced and expanded, and you must use the conversion charts to translate to the new arrangement.

Pennsylvania Administrative Law Research

Standard Pennsylvania Practice 2d. (West, 1981- ) KFP 530.S7 is a procedural encyclopedia that includes seven volumes on state administrative law.  Volumes 36-38A contains Chapter 166 Administrative Law that covers general administrative law and specific agencies. Volumes 39-41 deal with Workers’ Compensation Law and Procedure. The following is the breakdown of Chapter 166:

  • General principles of Administrative Law and procedure v.36:§§1-374
  • Practice Before Particular Agencies
  • Zoning Hearing Boards and Other General Zoning Administrative Proceedings v.37:§§166:375-581
  • Pennsylvania Civil Service Commission v.37:§§166:582-648
  • Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board v.37:§§166:649-841
  • Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission v.37:§§166:842-931
  • Unemployment Compensation Board of Review and Other Unemployment Compensation Administrative Bodies v.38:§§166:932-1114
  • Liquor Control Board v.38:§§166:1115-1308
  • Public Utility Commission v.38 & 38A:§§166:1309-1832
  • Board of Probation and Parole v.38A:§§166:1833-1981
  • Environmental Hearing Board v.38A:§§166:1982-2085

DCLI Student-Employment Opportunities 2011 Summer Session & 2011-2012 Academic Year

DCLI is accepting applications for Student-Assistants for the 2011 Summer Session and 2011-2012 Academic Year. The Deadline for application is April 29, 2011. Submit completed applications to Edna Maravich, 4th floor Murray Pavilion. Only one application is necessary to apply for both Summer AND 2011– 2012 Academic Year. The application is available at the following link:

Application for Work-Study Grant-In-Aide

*Unfortunately, graduating students will not be eligible for employment after the current semester.

CLE Reminder: The Lindbergh Kidnapping

A Study in Law and Drama

This special continuing legal education program will explore the legal significance of the Lindbergh Kidnapping case, its effect on substantive law, criminal investigations, and legal ethics. We will also see how drama can educate and shape public perceptions about legal values. Join Mr. William Cameron, author of the award-winning drama “Violet Sharp” and longtime researcher of the kidnapping, and Professor Mark D. Yochum for a lively seminar with exhibits, artifacts and more than a little theatre. (Ms. Sharp was a servant of the Lindberghs who became the focus of police investigations and came to a tragic end.)

This course has been approved by the Pennsylvania Continuing Legal Education Board for two (2) hours of substantive law, practice and procedure CLE credit and one (1) hour of ethics, professionalism
or substance abuse CLE credit. This three-credit course will be held on Saturday, April 30, in Room 203 of the Duquesne University School of Law from 9:00 a.m. - 12:15 p.m. The cost for the seminar is $75.00.

To register for this program, please contact Kathy Koehler at 412.396.6282 or e-mail koehler@duq.edu.

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Alumni Outcry Leads Law School to Pull Name Off Conference on Palestinian Legal Rights

D.C. Federal Judge Hands Down Lengthy Sentence for Somali Pirate

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