Good Luck on Final Exams!

The DCLI/ACLL staff wish you best of luck on your final exams!

DCLI Law Student Employment Opportunities Summer & Fall 2008

DCLI is accepting applications for student assistants for the summer and fall semesters. Deadline for application is April 30, 2008. Submit completed applications to Edna Maravich, 4th floor Murray Pavilion.

Reminder : Please Do Not Leave Your Materials Unattended in the Library


DCLI Spring Exam Hours 2008


Monday, April 21 - Tuesday, May 13
8 a.m. - 2 a.m.
12 Noon - 2 a.m.
Wednesday, May 14
8 a.m. - 10 p.m.
Thursday, May 15
Summer Hours Begin



DCLI Group Study Room Policy

There are eight study rooms available for group study purposes. These rooms are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Keys are signed out at the Circulation Desk only to current Duquesne law students with valid DU ID cards. Students may use these rooms, for group study only, in blocks of two hours (with one renewal). The rooms may also be reserved up to one day in advance, by filling out the study room sheet at the Circulation Desk or by calling 412-396-5017.

Dean Cafardi in the News

Dean Cafardi appeared in the New York Times on April 16 and April 19, as well as in the Wall Street Journal on April 21. He also appeared on NPR, Morning Edition, April 19, to comment on the papal visit in his role as a canon lawyer.

Details Regarding Summer Access to Westlaw

May 2008 Graduates:

Students who graduate will have full Westlaw access through May 31, 2008. Graduating students may extend their Westlaw password for a free password to use while studying for the bar. Graduating students should have received an email with the link to extend their password for use while studying for the bar. The passwords will be good for five hours in June and five hours in July. A link is available in the right-hand side of the screen for 3L students when they sign into www.lawschool.westlaw.com.

Students have access to career service databases for one year after graduation. Access to Law Student Jobs Online/Attorney Jobs Online is not included in the career service database access. WestlawRewards Points will expire on June 30, 2008.

1L / 2L / Continuing Students:

Continuing students hours are reduced to two hours in June and two hours in July. All student passwords return to full access August 1 of each year. However, students may request a summer extension of their Westlaw password for an approved purpose. Approved purposes include:

  • Taking summer school classes
  • Working for a professor
  • Conducting law review or journal work
  • Conducting moot court work
  • Working in an unpaid, non-profit public interest (non-governmental) internship/externship or pro bono work required for graduation.

Continuing students should have already received an email message to extend their password. Also, a link is available on www.lawschool.westlaw.com.

Details Regarding Summer Access to LexisNexs

May 2008 Graduates:

Your LexisNexis ID will remain active through August 1, 2008. However, as with all other law school IDs, it will default to a restricted menu of sources on June 1 unless you register for summer access.

The last day for graduating students to redeem their LexisNexis Rewards points is July 31, 2008. Points remaining in your account after this date will be forfeited.

All Students:

From June 1 through August 1, ALL law school student IDs will default to a restricted menu of career-oriented sources ONLY.

If you wish to retain full, unrestricted access to the sources currently available via your Lexis ID during this period, click on the SUMMER ACCESS banner/link on the Law School Home page www.lexisnexis.com/lawschool available beginning April 1 to register for summer access. You will be asked to certify that you require unrestricted summer access to Lexis for one of the following permitted purposes:

  • Summer school
  • School-related research assignment
  • Moot court research
  • Law Review/Journal research
  • Faculty Research Assistant position
  • Non-profit externship research
  • Unpaid internship/externship research

Legal News Links

Scalia Speaks Out in '60 Minutes' Interview

Yale law students argue before Conn. Supreme Court

Supreme Court upholds photo ID law for voters in Indiana

Latest Legal Links

Litilaw: Published articles for litigators


Law students and legal professionals will find this site useful for its litigation articles, law & technology articles, and legal research collection. Litilaw offers free access to over 800 recent legal articles. "All articles are full-text, written by lawyers and have been published as part of continuing legal education (CLE) seminars, in legal journals, or are of similar quality." Additional highlights include:

  • Access the latest articles and legal research listed on the Litilaw's homepage
  • Register for a free monthly newsletter
  • Send a page to a friend
  • See reader and reviewer testimonials
  • Add an article to the collection
  • Use the Litilaw search engine to locate relevant articles