DCLI List of Pennsylvania Legal Abbreviations

The DCLI list of Pennsylvania legal abbreviations is intended to serve as a quick reference guide to unlock the precise meaning of abbreviations and acronyms used in various Pennsylvania publications such as Purdon's Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, The Pennsylvania Digests, Shepard's Pennsylvania Citators and various reference books. While the list serves as a convenient reference tool, it should not to be used for formal citation purposes.

To view the list, please visit the following link: Pennsylvania Legal Abbreviations

Duquesne School of Law, Fall 2008 Booklist

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This page is designed to help you find information on various topics for yourself, things like courts, cases, statutes, legal articles, and law libraries.

There is also a separate page of Patent Links, one for all the Contracts, another listing the Courts relevant to cases we cover in depth, like the SCO litigation, a page on DRM, and one for the GPL. We also have a page on the Comes v. Microsoft case, as well as one on Microsoft litigation generally. If you are looking for lawyers in the SCO litigation, you'll find them here. Sometimes the easiest way to find something is to look through the daily Archives by keyword, if you are looking for something Groklaw has covered, or using our Search application.