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New Pennsylvania Bar Institute Publications Available at DCLI/ACLL

Joint and several liability : a year later.Mechanicsburg, Pa.: Pennsylvania Bar Institute, c2013. KFP195.A75 J65 2013

Changes to Pennsylvania's joint and several liability law / Jeffrey L. Dashevsky - Overview of Act 17 of 2011 (SB 1131) / Gary M. Lang - Overview of the Fair Share Act / Daniel J. Sherry - Releases, now and then / Gary M. Lang. The impact of Act 17 of 2011 / Gary M. Lang - The new joint and several law : impact on joint tortfeasor releases / John P. Gismondi - Medical malpractice : new joint and several law / Rosalind T. Kaplan - Three products liability examples under Act 17 / Alan Klein and Terry S. Hyman - Fair Share Act / Nadeem A. Bezar - PowerPoint presentation : Pennsylvania's new joint and several liability law / John A. Livingood, Jr., and David L. Kwass - PowerPoint presentation : overview of the Fair Share Act / Daniel J. Sherry - Verdict forms. Simple verdict form / Bernard R. Rizza - Complex verdict form / submitted by Susan M. Valinis - Joint tortfeasors. Who are joint tortfeasors, and why an understanding of the complexities of that question is now essential / Gary M. Lang - Who is a joint tortfeasor? / Howard F. Murphy, IV - Nuts and bolts of litigation practice under the Fair Share Act : the defense perspective / Janet K. Meub - Fair share act practical litigation pointers / David S. Wolf - Litigators on mediation : strategy, tactics and client relations / Francine Friedman Griesing

eDiscovery symposium. Mechanicsburg, Pa.: Pennsylvania Bar Institute, c2013.KF8902.E42 E36 2013

"Simplifying" eDiscovery in patent and complex cases in federal court. Electronic evidence and patent litigation : the billion dollar e-mail? / Joseph Decker, Babst, Calland, Clements and Zomnir, P.C., Pittsburgh - Selected recent federal cases on cost-shifting issues during litigation / Cecilia R. Dickson, The Webb Law Firm, Pittsburgh - eDiscovery "model order" authorities / David G. Oberdick, Meyer, Unkovic & Scott, LLP, Pittsburgh - Criminal prosecutions and governmental investigations : the electronic haystack - Discovery and use of social media evidence at trial - Avoiding eDiscovery pitfalls in employment cases. Hypotheticals for discussion - Recent ESI case summaries - Sample documents - A lawyer's duty of competency in eDiscovery : ABA rule 1.1 / David G. Ries, Thorp Reed & Armstrong, LLP, Pittsburgh - eDiscovery for the small firm : leveling the playing field. What to do when the hard drive arrives from opposing counsel / Joseph Decker, Babst, Calland, Clements and Zomnir, P.C., Pittsburgh - "In re ESI : local rules enhance the value of Rule 26(f) 'meet and confer,''' The Judges' Journal, Vol. 49 No. 2, Spring 2012 / Joy Flowers Conti and Richard N. Lettieri - "Mid-to-small law firm alert : overcoming the growing eDiscovery 'skill gap,'" The Advocate, Winter 2012 / Richard N. Lettieri -- eDiscovery in state court. eDiscovery in state court restrictive covenant case : hypothetical - "Pennsylvania Supreme Court amends rules to address electronically stored information," Lawyers Journal, Vol. 14 No. 18, Susan A. Ardisson and Roy E. Leonard - The eDiscovery special master program - Judges roundtable discussion on the state of eDiscovery in state and federal courts. New federal rules could change discovery as we know it / David R. Cohen and Emily Diamond.

Sentencing in Pennsylvania state courts. Mechanicsburg, Pa.: Pennsylvania Bar Institute, c2013.KFP583.2.A75 S45 2013

Sentencing guidelines and alternatives. Sentencing guidelines. Sentencing guidelines implementation manual : 7th edition / submitted by Mark H. Bergstrom - Recently enacted legislation : new offenses / submitted by Mark H. Bergstrom - 7th edition guideline sentence form / submitted by Mark H. Bergstrom - Representing your client. Gimme your license : representing professionals in criminal court and state licensure proceedings / Royce L. Morris and Thomas J. Weber - DUI tiers and sentencing grids / Thomas J. Innes, III - Specialty courts and alternative sentencing. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania problem solving courts / submitted by Mark H. Bergstrom - Philadelphia District Attorney's Office : pre-trial diversion programs / Derek Riker - Philadelphia Accelerated Work Release Program / Byron C. Cotter and Sarah V. Hart - General work release provisions / Byron C. Cotter and Sarah V. Hart - Work release statutes / submittted by Byron C. Cotter and Sarah V. Hart - Early county parole & earned time/good time programs : new sentencing order requirements / Sarah V. Hart -- Credit time basics / Sarah V. Hart - Recidivism risk reduction incentive (RRRI) summary / Byron C. Cotter and Sarah V. Hart - Pennsylvania's recidivism risk reduction incentive program : 2013 report to the Legislature / submitted by Mark H. Bergstrom -Pennsylvania's motivational boot camp program : what have we learned over the last seventeen years? / submitted by Mark H. Bergstrom ; written by Cynthia A. Kempinen - Pennsylvania's state intermediate punishment program : the impact of program completion on recidivism / submitted by Mark H. Bergstrom ; written by Cynthia A. Kempinen Bonus materials. Collateral consequences of criminal records in employment / submitted by Michael G. Hollander - Collateral consequences of sentencing on housing / submitted by Rachel Garland - Collateral consequences of sentencing on immigration / Wayne Sachs - Collateral consequences of sentencing on immigration / John S. Whitelaw.

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