Please Maintain Quiet in The Center

DCLI strives to maintain a quiet place to study. During Orientation Week, the Center permitted a certain level of noise to accommodate First-Year tours and in-house assignments. The Center requests the cooperation of all students and faculty in adhering to our quiet study rule. This includes refraining from loud talking, cell phone use, or any other loud behavior. Please respect your fellow student's desire for quiet study space. Study rooms are available for groups that need to collaborate. Otherwise, please save any conversations for outside of the Center. This policy pertains to all areas of the Center, including all three floors of the library and the Service Center desk. We are confident, with everybody's cooperation, that we will successfully provide a quiet place to study.

New Database - Making of Modern Law

DCLI users now have access to the Making of Modern Law: Legal Treatises: 1800-1926 database. The database includes over 21,000 treatises written during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries on British Commonwealth and American law. Please visit the following link to access this resource: Making of Modern Law

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