Open Access Law Journals-Free Online Resources!

The following is a link to free resources for open access law journals. Many of the titles are international, providing a wonderful resource for students and faculty conducting comparative legal research. Many of the titles in the collection are not available in the various subscription legal databases, making the collection an even more valuable resource for legal professionals.

Directory of Open Access Journals · Law:  http://www.doaj.org/doaj?func=subject&cpid=46&uiLanguage=en

Important DCLI Subscription Databases

DCLI's Legal Research Tools page offers links to numerous online subscription research databases. A hardcopy version of the Electronic Subscription Databases brochure, including access instructions and passwords, is available at the DCLI Service Center Desk. Many students, including First-Year Legal Research & Writing students, will find HeinOnline and LegalTrac particularly useful.


Students and faculty can access HeinOnline from home or in DCLI. Accessing HeinOnline from DCLI does not require authentication. You can access HeinOnline from off-campus by logging in with your name (For example Jane Doe) and Duquesne University ID barcode number (16 digit number on ID card).


HeinOnline includes a number of search and browse features for over two hundred law reviews and the Federal Register, providing the exact page image of legal journals. Journal holdings typically begin from a journal's inception to its most current volume. Holdings information is included in SOLCAT for each title.


Students and faculty can access InfoTrac from home or in DCLI. Accessing InfoTrac from DCLI does not require authentication. You can access InfoTrac from off-campus by logging in with your name (For example Jane Doe) and Duquesne University ID barcode number (16 digit number on ID card).


LegalTrac offers indexing for over 800 major law reviews, legal newspapers, specialty law publications, bar association journals and thousands of law-related articles from general interest publications. Titles with full-text holdings may be identified by searching SOLCAT by title. Note: When you are finished searching, please logout as there are a limited number of simultaneous users permitted.

How to Access eReserves

DCLI maintains a collection of electronic course reserve materials, via the Docutek eReserves Sysytem. The Center offers an online eReserve guide. The brochure summarizes everything you'll need to know about eReserves in an easy-to-understand question and answer format. Please visit the following link to access a printable PDF version of the brochure.

eReserves Brochure:


DCLI Regular Hours of Operation

DCLI will be open for REGULAR HOURS according to the following schedule. Please visit the Center's hours page for more information regarding hours of operation.

Regular Hours of Operation-Fall 2012



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  • DCLI will be closed Monday¸ September 5¸ for Labor Day


Reminder: DCLI web page for First-Year Students

The 1L page provides critical information regarding the Legal Research and Writing course. Students will find links to advance readings, maps of the Center, links to DCLI service brochures, and additional information for 1L Legal Research and Writing students. Click on the following link to visit the 1L page: http://www.duq.edu/law/library/dcli/FirstYear.cfm

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Latest Legal Link

University Law Review Project


The University Law Review Project (ULRP) is a free internet resource providing online law journals and developed by Stanford, Australasian Legal Information institute, Jurist, Legal Information institute, and FindLaw. The homepage offers a list of journals by topic, allowing the user to quickly identify law reviews in their area of interest. Simply click on a topic, for instance, Business Law, and the site links to an extensive list of business law related periodicals. Choose from any of the titles, for instance, ABA´s Business Lawyer, and choose the full text issue form the list of volumes. The site also provides the option to perform a "Full Text Search of Law Journals on the Internet". ULRP is a helpful resource for anyone seeking free¸ full text, legal periodical information on the internet.