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Important DCLI Printer Details

Westlaw – You can no longer send jobs to Westlaw Printer

Please use the attached PC computer, or send via Wireless printing mentioned below. Westlaw printer in Room 117 no longer exists.

Wireless Printing

You can print documents from your personal laptop to the School of Law's LaserJet printers (located in Room 117 of the Law Library)
To go:  http://duprintbalance.duq.edu

  1. Login with your MultiPass credentials.

  2. Select your file to upload to the system (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, image files).

  3. Select whether you want to print it now or save for later (you can retrieve the file later for printing within 24 hours).

  4. Select the printer and printer options, click Next

  5. The system will render a print preview, click Print Now

*** Wireless printing is currently in beta testing. Please report any issues to the IT Department.***

Lexis Printers

LexisNexis has provided their own high-speed laser printers to be used when printing from these services. Printers are also located Room 117 of the Law Library, students are asked to direct all printing jobs from LexisNexis to these dedicated printers.

Your Westlaw & Lexis Student Representatives

Westlaw and Lexis provides student representatives to act as a resource for students, both in and out of the computer lab, and to maintain equipment (Lexis). Please contact your appropriate student representatives with questions about using Westlaw and Lexis.





Colin May


Autumn Pividori


Daniel Conlon




University and School of Law Technology Support

Routine questions regarding network connection can be answered by the University's Computer Technology Services (CTS), located in the Student Union. Either visit, call, or submit an online request for help. Here is the CTS contact information:

Computer Technology Services (CTS)

CTS Service Center (2nd floor Union, face-to-face, phone, & email support)

Fall/Spring Hours

Monday -Friday: 8am - 6pm*
Saturday: 9am-4pm*
Sunday: 12pm-4pm*

* The Help Desk is always available 24x7 via emergency voice mail on our phone system.

Submit Online Request
Email: help@duq.edu
Phone: 412-396-4357 or

School of Law IT Department


The IT Department is a feature service of the Duquesne University School of Law. The Department provides technology support for students, faculty, & staff, as well as management of classroom technology, website, SharePoint, computer labs and printing

Contact one of the following IT Professionals to schedule an appointment:

Christopher Driscoll
Director of Information Technology

R. Cameron Sparks
Application & Information Technology Specialist

Dayna Power
Information Technology Specialist

New students should visit the Student Resources page to answer the most common questions. Instructions for connecting to the wireless network, DuqNet, are located here. Students wishing to utilize the Laptop Exam option must provide their own laptop computer.

Computer Assisted Legal Instruction (CALI)

CALI offers Access to 600+ free CALI Lessons. Visit the following URL and use the below login information to access CALI both on and off-campus:

•  Logon to www.cali.org/register

•  Create a new username/password using the authorization code. You can obtain the authorization code by visiting the DCLI Service Center desk.

•  Get free access to 600+ CALI lessons in 32 legal subject areas!

•  Use relevant lessons during the semester or before finals to help reinforce what you learn in class.

Access restricted to Duquesne University students and faculty.

Please Maintain Quiet in the Center

DCLI strives to maintain a quiet place to study. The Center requests the cooperation of all students and faculty in adhering to our quiet study rule. This includes refraining from loud talking, cell phone use, or any other loud behavior. Please respect your fellow student's desire for quiet study space. Study rooms are available for groups that need to collaborate. Otherwise, please save any conversations for outside of the Center. This policy pertains to all areas of the Center, including all three floors of the library and the Service Center desk. We are confident, with everybody's cooperation, that we will successfully provide a quiet place to study.

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Latest Legal Link

Findlaw Video


The "Legal Videos" resource is yet another helpful feature of the Findlaw web site. The site is designed to answer legal questions, by presenting an informative video about the topic. The user will find a list of videos related to a specific area of law. You can also narrow your search results by choosing a presenter from a geographic area. The site displays thumbnail pictures of each video and accompanying information about the attorneys. Simply click on the image to play the video. You can choose videos by firm, which will give access to "all videos by this firm".  This option provides a helpful profile of the firm, including important information like phone numbers, web address, summary of the firm, and office information. Findlaw's Legal Videos provides a convenient, multimedia approach to supplement your legal research and find the most skilled legal professionals in your particular area of interest.