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Upcoming Info Session: China Summer Study of Law in Beijing

Don't miss the upcoming information session about the China Summer Study of Law program in Beijing. Here are the event details:

  • TUESDAY, OCTOBER 1, 4:00 – 6:00 PM
  • 4th Floor Faculty Lounge, Murray Pavilion
  • Faculty, former program participants, and current LLM students from China will share their experiences and answer your questions
  • *Hot Hors D’oeuvres & Adult Beverages*
  • Program will be held May 30 – June 20, 2014

Please click on the below image to access the China Law web site:

China Law Flier

Photo: Students Visiting Xian

This is a great opportunity to ask any and all questions you may have about Beijing and the program itself. Many photos will be on display and brochures will be available. Hot hors d'oeuvres and beverages will be served! Bring your questions and your appetite!

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Proquest Congressional's Database Interface and Collection

The Center provides School of Law students and faculty access to the best legal research subscription databases available. You can access Proquest Congressional on campus by visiting the following link:

Proquest Congressional

You can access Proquest Congressional from off campus by visiting the same link, and using the below information to logon:

User Name: Your Name

Password: Duquesne ID Number

Proquest Congressional is an excellent resource for legislative history research. It provides access to the CIS Index which indexes and abstracts congressional publications and CIS legislative histories as well as provides access to selected full text of congressional reports, documents, prints, bills and Congressional Record, and public laws. Formerly called Lexis Congressional and Congressional Universe.  Access is restricted to Duquesne University School of Law community.

Here are the latest enhancements to ProQuest Congressional:

  • Create links to specific searches, and share those searches with others.
    Here’s how:
    • After a search, go to “Recent search” and select “Get link” from the “Actions” dropdown. You can then copy the URL of this search to your clipboard and paste into a document or email. After you click on the link, click on “modify search”. This will bring you to the relevant search form that has been pre-populated with the date, congress, document type, search segment, and search term limiters from that original search.
  • See your search terms in your results set with Hit Highlighting, in both your initial search and in subsequent “search within” result sets.
  • Treaty and Nomination Reports and Documents dated before 1845 are now retrievable.
  • Documented Hearings that were published in the Serial Set, such as Fort Pillow Massacre, the Titanic disaster, Brownsville Affray, and more, are now also searchable via the Hearings checkbox in the Advanced Search form.
  • Digital Committee Prints link properly from the Legislative Histories.
  • Fixed the false links from the Legislative Histories to the Congressional Record Daily citations that predate the content coverage beginning in 1985.
  • Fixed a number of display issues associated with certain document types.
  • Email and print capability.
  • Search using the ALLCAPS search command. Here’s how:
    • To find all instances of EPA or AIDS, for example, use the ALLCAPS command: ALLCAPS(epa) or ALLCAPS(aids)

University and School of Law Technology Support

Routine questions regarding network connection can be answered by the University's Computer Technology Services (CTS), located in the Student Union. Either visit, call, or submit an online request for help. Here is the CTS contact information:

Computer Technology Services (CTS)

CTS Service Center (2nd floor Union, face-to-face, phone, & email support)

Fall/Spring Hours

Monday -Friday: 8am - 6pm*
Saturday: 9am-4pm*
Sunday: 12pm-4pm*

* The Help Desk is always available 24x7 via emergency voice mail on our phone system.

Submit Online Request
Email: help@duq.edu
Phone: 412-396-4357 or

School of Law IT Department


The IT Department is a feature service of the Duquesne University School of Law. The Department provides technology support for students, faculty, & staff, as well as management of classroom technology, website, SharePoint, computer labs and printing

Contact one of the following IT Professionals to schedule an appointment:

Christopher Driscoll
Director of Information Technology

R. Cameron Sparks
Application & Information Technology Specialist

Dayna Power
Information Technology Specialist

New students should visit the Student Resources page to answer the most common questions. Instructions for connecting to the wireless network, DuqNet, are located here. Students wishing to utilize the Laptop Exam option must provide their own laptop computer.

Legal News Links

Cuban Catholic bishops call for political reform

Thousands cited for having pot on federal land

For Married Couples, Living Apart May Pay Off

Lawyer: Tamerlan Tsarnaev's in-laws answer questions from grand jury

James 'Whitey' Bulger defense: Taxpayers will foot the bill for millions

Ex-judge pozonsky waves hearing in cocaine case

Latest Legal Link

Google Books


This feature of the ever–popular Google declares access to millions of full–text books for free. Google's simple–to–use search engine, provides intuitive navigation of the collection. A particularly valuable highlight of this resource is the availability of "legal classics". For example, search for "Pennsylvania Negligence", and you'll find the 1891-1915 treatise on the subject. Google provides a PDF image of the print copy, allowing the user to see an accurate picture of the original version. The user will find more recent works as well. For instance, search for "law practice", and you'll find more recently published items, like Introduction to Law Firm Practice. In this case, the site gives access to an abbreviated version of the title, which acts as a nice sample for the user to determine whether or not she would like to purchase full–text.