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Mr. Rao Completes 40 Years in Library Profession

Mr. Dittakavi Rao, Associate Director of the Law Library, recently completed 40 years of service in the library profession. He is the author and co-author of many legal research publications, Instructor of Legal Research and Computer Assisted Legal Research paralegal courses, CLE instructor, and creator of the PA Legal Research web site. The PA Legal Research site may be found at the following address:


Mr. Rao was also elected one of the most Outstanding Law Librarians in the U.S. by Alert Publications in 1988 and received the Duquesne University President's Award for Staff Excellence in 1994. Congratulations, Mr. Rao!

New Publication -Judges of Allegheny County

Joel Fishman. Judges of Allegheny County, Fifth Judicial District, Pennsylvania (1788-2008). Foreword by Honorable President Judge Joseph M. James. Pittsburgh: Pennsylvania Legal Resources Institute, 2009. xvii, 174p. Paperback. ISBN13: 978-1881757-12-2.

This is a biographical directory of more than 200 judges of the Courts of Allegheny County for the past two hundred twenty years. It is a revised, updated edition of Dr. Fishman's earlier work, Judges of Allegheny County, Fifth Judicial District, Pennsylvania (1788-1988) (1989) including new information on deceased judges, judges still sitting on the bench for the past twenty years, and the addition of new judges since 1988.

U.S. Supreme Court Justices on Stamps

One Constitutional Law email listserv recently answered the question regarding which U.S. Supreme Court justices have been placed on stamps by the U.S. Postal Service. Dr. Paul Finkelman, of the Albany Law School, provided the following list up to 2000:

  • Stanton, 1871 (confirmed but never sat)
  • Marshall, 1895
  • Marshall, 1903
  • Taft, 1930
  • Taft, 1938 (as President)
  • Stone, 1948
  • Marshall, 1955
  • C.E. Hughes, 1962
  • Holmes, 1968
  • Black, 1986
  • Taft, 1986 (as President)
  • Marshall, 1990
  • Warren, 1992

*Thurgood Marshall was on a stamp in 2007

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