DCLI/ACLL Conducts Strategic Planning Retreat

The DCLI/ACLL is undertaking a strategic planning process. Ms. Patty Horvath and Ms. Amy Lovell have co-chaired a committee to take charge of this project. Through months of preparation, we will hold an all-day retreat for DCLI in the Power Center, on October 5, and extensive focus group interviews for ACLL on October 6. DCLI/ACLL has retained a well established and skillful facilitator, Mr. Arnold Hirshorn, to conduct the retreat and the focus group interviews. The list of attendees consists of a wide, representative group to ensure interested parties will be included in the future development of DCLI. Participants include School of Law students and faculty.

Through this process, the Center will develop a clear vision, mission and strategy for charting the future development of DCLI and ACLL consistent with the vision, mission of the School of Law and the University.

Differences between Westlaw and Lexis's PA District & County Reports

The recent PA Supreme Court case of Clifton v. Allegheny County, 969 A.2d 1197 (2009) is based on Judge Wettick's lower court opinion in Allegheny County. The lower court case is over 100+ pages long and only a summary appears in the Pittsburgh Legal Journal. Westlaw does not provide the case in its PA District & County Reports, but it is available in the LexisNexis database, 2007 Pa. Dist. & Cnty. Dec. Lexis 202. This raises the interesting question of what other county cases unreported in the regular Pa. Dist. & County Reports published by Incisive Media and only available on Westlaw can be found in LexisNexis database?

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International Court of Justice


The United Nations International Court of Justice web site provides updated legal information regarding the judicial body that was established by UN charter in 1945. The site includes detailed descriptions of the organization, including History, Members of Court, Presidency, Chambers and Committees, Judges ad hoc, and Annual Reports. The FAQ page answers important questions such as "What differentiates the International Court of Justice from the International Criminal Court and the ad hoc international criminal tribunals?" The highlight of this resource includes the home page, providing a list of latest decisions and press releases. The site also offers a list of all cases, jurisdiction information, bibliography, as well as additional interesting information. International Law Students and Faculty will find this web site especially useful.