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Essential Library Service for Students - Personal Law Librarian (PLL)

The Center provides each student a Personal Law Librarian (PLL) to serve as point of contact, answer any questions about the library, as well as offer guidance in accessing the collections, services, and facilities available to Duquesne law students. The Center recognizes the need for personal attention for the law students, and the PLL-student partnership accommodates this important academic need by offering superior service, unmatched by any other institution. Your PLL will contact you via email soon. Please take this opportunity to arrange a meeting or phone conversation to discuss your academic legal information needs, and maximize the resources and services available to you through the Center.

The Center hosts a PLL page at the following URL:


The PLL proactively ensures that each student is aware of the numerous resources and services available through the Center, and makes arrangements so that all research and legal information needs are successfully fulfilled.

Students and graduates enjoy PLL assistance throughout the academic year, as well as the summer. The Center extends PLL services to graduating students, and those preparing for the bar exam. PLL services include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

Critical PLL Services for Law Students

  • Training referral for electronic and print research materials
  • Research consultation for Upper Level Writing Requirement
  • Give tours of the library and explanations of collections
  • Provide information on newest services, programs, and events
  • Current awareness and legal news about the Center and the Legal Profession
  • Update students via email messages with the latest DCLI offerings designed for students
  • Answer questions about library policies, procedures and services.
  • Arrange research assistance, and help with assignments, by acquainting students with the right research tools for their situation. This includes the development of productive search practices, enabling the student to conduct their own research, and establish skills essential for employment in the legal profession.

Valuable PLL Services for Graduating Students and Bar Takers

    • Research refresher courses
    • Access to Bloomberg Law
    • One Year Free Allegheny County Law Library membership (Includes Westlaw & Lexis Access)
    • Access to DCLI Legal Research Databases
    • Borrowing privileges of both DCLI and ACCL research collections
    • Clearance of library account
    • Study Room usage

    DCLI Electronic Subscription Databases

    In addition to LexisNexis and Westlaw, increasing numbers of the best loose-leaf services, treatises, journals, and other resources have been converted to online services. The Center for Legal Information subscribes to numerous electronic resources to provide Duquesne University School of Law Students and Faculty the most current legal research materials. These resources have been compiled into a convenient brochure, which is available at the Service Center Desk. These resource links are also available on the DCLI Legal Research Databases web page: http://www.duq.edu/academics/schools/law/law-library/legal-research-databases

    DCLI encourages School of Law students and faculty to utilize these powerful legal research resources. Your PLL will contact you soon. Please take the opportunity to consult with your PLL for more information, or to request one-on-one instruction on the use of these databases:



    Students and Faculty can access HeinOnline from home or in DCLI by logging in with your name (For example Jane Doe) and Duquesne University ID number (16 digit number on ID card).

    HeinOnline provides a number of search and browse features for over two hundred law reviews and the Federal Register, providing the exact page image of legal journals. Journal holdings typically begin from a journal's inception to its most current volume. Holdings information is included in SOLCAT for each title.


    Students and Faculty can access HeinOnline from home or in DCLI by logging in with your name (For example Jane Doe) and Duquesne University ID barcode number (16 digit number on ID card).


    LegalTrac offers indexing for over 800 major law reviews, legal newspapers, specialty law publications, bar association journals and thousands of law-related articles from general interest publications. Titles with full-text holdings may be identified by searching SOLCAT by title.

    Computer Assisted Legal Instruction (CALI)

    CALI offers Access to 600+ free CALI Lessons. Visit the following URL and use the below login information to access CALI both on and off-campus:

    •Logon to www.cali.org/register

    •Create a new username/password using the authorization code. You can obtain the authorization code by visiting the DCLI Service Center desk.

    •Get free access to 600+ CALI lessons in 32 legal subject areas!

    •Use relevant lessons during the semester or before finals to help reinforce what you learn in class.

    Access restricted to Duquesne University students and faculty.

    Bloomberg Law (BL)

    Access is restricted to Duquesne University law students and law faculty. Please consult with your PLL to get your activation code and to answer any questions about accessing and using Bloomberg Law.


    BNA Online

    Duquesne University students and faculty have access to the Bureau of National Affairs' (BNA) collection of online, subscription-based, legal research databases.

    BNA Online - Individual Title Access
    A list of BNA Online titles is available through SOLCAT, the School of Law Catalog: http://library.law.duq.edu/. Select "TITLE" from the drop-down menu and enter "BNA Online" into the search engine. Press RETURN or Click "Go". To access on-campus, select any of the resulting 737 titles in the list and click on the accompanying URL. No authentication is necessary. Use the following login information to access BNA resources off-campus:

    User Name: Your Name

    Password: DU ID Number

    CCH Library - Intelliconnect

    Many Commerce Clearing House (CCH) loose-leaf services have been converted to digital format. These products track, report, and explain their respective topic area. CCH Libraries are valuable research resources which provide the most up-to-date information.

    CCH's Intelliconnect platform provides access to the following libraries:

    • Antitrust & Trade regulation
    • Business & Finance
    • China Law Express
    • Corporate Governance
    • Corporation Law
    • Federal Securities
    • Health & Human Resources
    • Mergers & Acquisitions
    • Omnitax
    • Health Law & Compliance
    • Kluwer Arbitration
    • Labor E-Library

    To access CCH Intelliconnect, both on and off-campus, you must first create a login account.

    • From a computer in the DCLI library navigate to http://intelliconnect.cch.com
    • Select the "Click this link to create a User ID" link
    • Complete the required fields and select the "Submit" button.
    • Press the "Login In to CCH" button.

    Access restricted to Duquesne University students and faculty.

    Making of Modern Law


    Making of Modern Law is a comprehensive full-text collection of over 21,000 legal works published during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. You can access Making of Modern Law from on-campus by visiting the above URL. Use the following login information to access Making of Modern law off-campus:

    User Name: Your Name

    Password: DU ID Number

    RIA Checkpoint Tax and Accounting Databases

    DCLI subscribes to RIA Checkpoint, providing digital access to multiple resources that were previously available in print as loose-leaf services.

    RIA Checkpoint is a source for tax and accounting research products. It combines popular RIA and WG&L titles into an integrated online service. Researchers have access to U.S. Tax Reporter, Federal Tax Coordinator 2d, RIA Citator 2d, and a variety of additional titles.

    You can access RIA Checkpoint from on-campus by visiting the following URL http://www.duq.edu/academics/schools/law/law-library/legal-research-databases and scroll down to the RIA Checkpoint link. Visit the same link and use the below login information to access RIA Checkpoint from off-campus. If you prefer, you can use this non-proxied link on any DCLI computer.

    User Name: Your Name

    Password: DU ID Number

    Access restricted to Duquesne University students and faculty.

    SmartLitigator (Formerly Palawlibrary.com)


    SmartLitigator provides access to several key Pennsylvania legal research sources. Coverage includes Pennsylvania District & County Reports (1977-present), selected Pennsylvania county opinions not published in the D&C, Pennsylvania Law Weekly: Digests of Recent Opinions (1994-present), Philadelphia City Solicitor opinions, and Pennsylvania court rules. Please stop by the DCLI Service Center Desk for the User Name and Password, to access Palawlibrary.com, both on and off-campus.

    Access restricted to Duquesne University law students and faculty.

    Pennsylvania Legislative Services. Capitol Toolbox


    In-depth coverage of Pennsylvania legislative, regulatory and executive actions. Includes bill tracking, current Pennsylvania House and Senate calendars, voting records, and other current awareness services. Please stop by the DCLI Service Center Desk for the User Name and Password, to access Pennsylvania Legislative Services both on and off-campus.

    Access restricted to Duquesne University law students and faculty.

    Please consult with your Personal Law Librarian (PLL) for information about the Legal Research Databases, or to request one-on-one instruction on the use of these databases.

    Upcoming Symposium-Passing the Torch:

    An International Symposium on the 50th Anniversary of the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy

    October 17-19, 2013

    Power Center Ballroom, Duquesne University

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    Upcoming Symposium


    October 17-19-Following up on its world-renowned 40th anniversary conference, the Wecht Institute is pleased to host many of the leading scientific, legal and investigative experts on the murder case that has fascinated and perplexed us for decades. As the JFK assassination and many of its witnesses, investigators and researchers begin to recede into history, this symposium is intended to educate students, professionals and the general public alike about one of the seminal events of 20th century American history, and why it still matters today. See the agenda

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    Latest Legal Link

    The Law Net


    This site is primarily a research resource for attorneys and paralegals. It is available as a fee-based subscription and provides opinions from all federal and state jurisdictions. The Law net promises the most current content, and updates the site by the next day, if not sooner. The site's featured "Citetrak" system shows cases to citing to statutes, rules & regulations. Simply submit the citation for any of these types of legal materials, and Law Net provides a list or related cases. Of course, you can search by case citation as well. The "virtual assistant" service "promises to solve your problems overnight or next business day". Basically, it is a reference librarian service, providing access to documents in publications like American Law Reports, law review, and legal journal articles. Site offers prorated subscription rates for those interested, from solo, small, and large firm practices.