DCLI RESEARCH EXPO 2011 - Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Research Expo

Learn more about legal research from the major law publishers and developers of legal information systems.

Exhibits ~ Demonstrations

Food ~ Prizes

Classroom Demonstration Schedule

Publishers attending include:

  • American Lawyer Media
  • Bloomberg
  • BNA
  • ProQuest Congressional
  • LexisNexis
  • Gale
  • Research Inst. of America
  • Thomson Reuters
  • and More!


Celebrate 100 Years of Duquesne Women in the Law

Join us on Tuesday, October 18 when we welcome our keynote speaker, Linda L. Kelly L'75, PA Attorney General, and honor Judge Donetta W. Ambrose, L'70, with the Carol Los Mansmann Award for Distinguished Public Service. 


Please visit the event announcement for more details regarding the Celebration of 100 Years of Duquesne Women in the Law.

Reminder: Upcoming Annual Wecht Institute Conference: Predators and their Prey

Friday and Saturday
October 21-22, 2011
Power Center Ballroom
Duquesne University

Event Web Site: http://www.duq.edu/predators/index.cfm

The conference will convene experts in behavioral science, criminalistics, criminal law, victimology and other related fields to address various topics relating to the investigation and prosecution of violent offenders.

For more information, contact the Institute or visit the Conference Website.

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