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Upcoming Event: DCLI RESEARCH EXPO 2013

Wednesday, October 23

Learn more about legal research from the major law publishers and developers of legal information systems. Also, take this opportunity to arrange meet your Personal Law Librarian (PLL) and discuss your academic legal information needs

Exhibits ˜ Demonstrations
Food ˜ Prizes

Classroom Demonstration Schedule Coming Soon

  • Exhibits from many publishers and legal information systems developers
  • Ongoing Demonstrations
  • Prizes from DCLI and vendors
  • Meet your Personal Law Librarian (PLL)
  • Lunch and dinner provided
  • Time 11:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Duquesne Law Students Write Sustainability Rules for Pittsburgh

The Post-Gazette recently published an article featuring Duquesne Law Students:

By Kim Lyons / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The study of zoning law may sound about as thrilling as watching grass grow, but the city of Pittsburgh credits law students from Duquesne University's Urban Development Clinic - students who took on the work of poring over ordinances and land titles - with playing a key role in the city's move toward a greener skyline. ..(Click here to read the entire article)

Essential Library Service for Students - Personal Law Librarian (PLL)

The Center provides each student a Personal Law Librarian (PLL) to serve as point of contact, answer any questions about the library, as well as offer guidance in accessing the collections, services, and facilities available to Duquesne law students. The Center recognizes the need for personal attention for the law students, and the PLL-student partnership accommodates this important academic need by offering superior service, unmatched by any other institution. Your PLL will contact you via email soon. Please take this opportunity to arrange a meeting or phone conversation to discuss your academic legal information needs, and maximize the resources and services available to you through the Center.

The Center hosts a PLL page at the following URL:


The PLL proactively ensures that each student is aware of the numerous resources and services available through the Center, and makes arrangements so that all research and legal information needs are successfully fulfilled.

Students and graduates enjoy PLL assistance throughout the academic year, as well as the summer. The Center extends PLL services to graduating students, and those preparing for the bar exam. PLL services include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

Critical PLL Services for Law Students

  • Training referral for electronic and print research materials
  • Research consultation for Upper Level Writing Requirement
  • Give tours of the library and explanations of collections
  • Provide information on newest services, programs, and events
  • Current awareness and legal news about the Center and the Legal Profession
  • Update students via email messages with the latest DCLI offerings designed for students
  • Answer questions about library policies, procedures and services.
  • Arrange research assistance, and help with assignments, by acquainting students with the right research tools for their situation. This includes the development of productive search practices, enabling the student to conduct their own research, and establish skills essential for employment in the legal profession.

Valuable PLL Services for Graduating Students and Bar Takers

    • Research refresher courses
    • Access to Bloomberg Law
    • One Year Free Allegheny County Law Library membership (Includes Westlaw & Lexis Access)
    • Access to DCLI Legal Research Databases
    • Borrowing privileges of both DCLI and ACCL research collections
    • Clearance of library account
    • Study Room usage

    Recent Pennsylvania Bar Institute Titles

    The following Pennsylvania collection materials are now available at DCLI/ACLL. Please visit SOLCAT to view more PBI materials in the collection.

    Allegations of sexual misconduct in a post-Sandusky world: what educational institutions and employers must know. KF4155.A2 A45 2013

    Setting the stage for educational institutions : Title IX on discrimination/submitted by Kevin E. Raphael ; Guidance from the U.S. Department of Education/submitted by Kevin E. Raphael ; Student-on-student harassment : Davis v. Monroe County Board of Education/submitted by Kevin E. Raphael; The importance of actual notice Gebser v. Lago Vista Independent School District/submitted by Kevin E. Raphael; Rights and resource information : the Cleary Act/submitted by Kevin E. Raphael; A practical example: Drexel University's Title IX resource page/submitted by Kevin E. Raphael; State requirements for reporting crimes and security policies at colleges and universities/submitted by Kevin E. Raphael; The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and sexual misconduct at educational institutions /submitted by Kevin E. Raphael; Confidentiality requirements under Pennsylvania's Criminal History Record Information Act/submitted by Kevin E. Raphael; Crimes in Pennsylvania related to minor victims/James O. Carpenter; Pennsylvania statutes on mandatory child abuse reporting/submitted by Kevin E. Raphael; Pennsylvania statute defining the sexual abuse of children, including offenses concerning child pornography/submitted by Kevin E. Raphael; Pennsylvania statute defining the endangerment of child welfare/submitted by Kevin E. Raphael.

    Arbitration: problems, solutions & developments. Mechanicsburg, Pa., KF9085.A75 A74 2013

    What is "(I'm)Partial enough" in a world of embedded neutrals? Nancy A. Welsh; Mandatory predispute consumer arbitration, structural bias, and incentivizing procedural safeguards/Nancy A. Welsh; "Moving the ball forward" in consumer and employment dispute resolution: What can planning, talking, listening and breaking bread together accomplish?; Nancy A. Welsh, David B. Lipsky; The use of Pre-dispute consumer arbitration agreements by companies/Mark J. Levin; Class action waiver and the effective vindication doctrine at the antitrust/arbitration crossroads /Ellen Meriwether; American Express v. Italian Colors amicus restaurant curiae brief/Ellen Meriwether, Albert A. Foer, Randy M. Stutz; Employment arbitration agreements/Thomas A. Linthorst; House Bill 23: The Revised Uniform Arbitration Act/Stephen G. Yusem.

    Business liability insurance issues for corporate and litigation practitioners. KFP193.B87 B873 2013

    PowerPoint presentation: Risk Management 10 /Joy A. Desjardins; Business insurance coverages available to business entities and related coverage issues/submitted by Steven Burgess Davi; written by Caitlin Oberst; How to build a multinational program/David Halperin; EPL advisor/ Aon Financial Services Group; PowerPoint presentation: Hot topics in employment practices liability claims and EPL insurance/Thomas Hams, Trudy A. Hardin, Jay A. Desjardins; Getting claims paid: considerations to assist maximizing recovery and minimizing delay/Michael Conley; Top ten (really eleven) insurance tips for practicing attorneys/John N. Ellison.

    Upcoming Symposium-Passing the Torch:

    An International Symposium on the 50th Anniversary of the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy

    October 17-19, 2013

    Power Center Ballroom, Duquesne University

    Register Now!


    Upcoming Symposium


    October 17-19-Following up on its world-renowned 40th anniversary conference, the Wecht Institute is pleased to host many of the leading scientific, legal and investigative experts on the murder case that has fascinated and perplexed us for decades. As the JFK assassination and many of its witnesses, investigators and researchers begin to recede into history, this symposium is intended to educate students, professionals and the general public alike about one of the seminal events of 20th century American history, and why it still matters today. See the agenda

    Legal News Links

    Duquesne Law students write sustainability rules for Pittsburg

    Reputed mob associate who fled Mass. goes on trial

    Shutdown driving debate over role of government

    Facebook says it's opening first office in Israel

    Attorney: All 9 missing teens from New Mexico youth ranch are with parents

    Miami man claims self-defense; photo of wife's body was posted on Facebook

    Ex-Detroit Mayor Kilpatrick gets 28 years in prison

    Latest Legal Link

    Legal Zoom
    This popular web site provides necessary legal documents, allowing people to streamline these records to their specific needs. For example, whether creating a corporation, or drafting a will, you'll find the do-it-yourself tools to create these types of important legal documents. The site provides its service in three convenient steps: complete a questionnaire, Legal Zoom conducts a review, and finally the site provides the finished document.

    NOLO is a very well-known provider of "How to do it yourself" legal materials for practitioners. Based on the West Coast, NOLO publishes print resources, and creates software. Many features such as "Get Informed", "Do-it-yourself", and "Find-a-Lawyer". Provides explanatory articles on each legal topic. Do-it-yourself is essentially production services for the practitioner, including legal forms, electronic documents, books, and software. The sites "Law Firm" is arranged by topic areas, then allows the user to choose specific state to locate all the law firms in your geographic area. NOLOs free dictionary is another helpful feature of this important online legal service.