Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction (CALI)

CALI lessons are interactive, computer-based tutorials provided by the non-profit Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction (www.cali.org). There are over 625 lessons available to help you study 32 different legal subject areas at www.cali.org.

Lessons are completely free for our law students. They are great for mastering material during the semester and for studying for exams.

The Center for Legal Information has CD versions that will be distributed in the student mail folders. When registering a new account at cali.org. You must use our school’s authorization code to create the account. The authorization code can be obtained at the circulation desk in the library.

You only need to use this authorization code once. After that, you may use the email/password you used to sign up in order to login at cali.org.

Good luck with the rest of the semester!

Electronic Research Update- ALRs only available on Westlaw

The entire ALR (American Law Reports) series is available online exclusively on Westlaw as of 1-1-2008. It comprises all six series, both Federal series and the ALR Digest. Virtually every point of law in the US jurisprudence system is treated here, including emerging topics.

Four ways to find what you need fast:

Despite the depth and breadth of coverage, Westlaw makes it easy to locate the right ALR article.

  • Type your legal issue in plain English and the powerful Westlaw research engine delivers the right article instantly.

  • You can also zero in on the right content via ResultsPlus, an exclusive Westlaw timesaver that suggests relevant ALR articles based on your original search terms.

  • The ALR Digest is synched to the West Key Number System, so if you have a Key Number, you can find the companion ALR article – and vice versa.

  • Scan the detailed Table of Contents with thoroughly indexed tables for cross-referencing (West/Thomson Brochure).

Latest Legal Link

Legal Information Institute

Cornell’s site is one of the most useful and comprehensive sites for legal research. It provides links to primary and several secondary materials. The following are highlights of this site.

Wex is an online legal dictionary and encyclopedia. This collaborative resource is sponsored by Cornell’s Legal Information Institute, which promotes free, public accessible legal information to internet users.  The site offers an “All Articles” page, previously known as “Law About”, containing links to hundreds of specific legal terms and topics. Term links consist of concise legal definitions and topic links provide descriptive encyclopedia-like overviews. Users can browse through the extensive list of terms and topics, or use the simple search engine available near the top-center of the page. There are two additional link lists available, divided by the categories of definition and overview.

The Introduction to Basic Legal Citation site is another useful resource offered via Cornell’s Legal Information Institute. This site provides law students a primer for using the two main legal citation manuals: The Bluebook and ALWD Citation manual. The “What and Why?” page explains “this introduction aims at building a basic mastery of ‘legal citation’ as codified in those references – a level of mastery that should enable you to do all of your legal reading and much of your legal writing without having to reach for them.”